Amazing Animation

Saturday, March 9

2:30-5:oo pmticket
US Navy Heritage Center
$12 in advance HERE or at the door



France/ 2012 / 5:24mins / directed by Bastien Belvaux
Constantly running away in a world that doesn’t accept him, a man looks for a way to turn his difference into a strength. Then he can stop hiding.

dailybattles_promo_01BEATRICE CORON’S DAILY BATTLES  

Canada / 2012 / 6:30mins / directed by James Stewart
An art film about a work of art: the papercut masterwork by New York Artist Beatrice Coron.

BeyondReach_Still03BEYOND REACH 

USA / 2012 / 2mins / directed by Ilana Morgan Schwartz 
An old man must overcome his lazy habits in order to obtain the breakfast of his dreams.

catch_and_release_still_1CATCH AND RELEASE 

USA / 2012 / 6:27mins / directed by Barbara Mones
When a recently hired fish thrower meets the girl of his dreams, circumstances force him to make a very difficult choice.

Crowfeathers horizontalCROW FEATHERS 

UK / 2012 / 8mins / directed by Peter Bunzl
A boy and his mother live on an isolated farm, but one day a Crow man crashes into their world (Mask characters with animation).


USA / 2012 / 3:45mins / directed by Devin Bell
An alphabetical musical piece about 26 things you should absolutely never eat.

L'esprit D'escalierL’ESPRIT DE L’ESCALIER 

USA / 2012 / 8mins / directed by Ivan Orkeny
The second animation in a trilogy about a miniature 18th century spiral staircase wandering and evolving through an ever-growing landscape.  

mindthecat_still02MIND THE CAT 

Switzerland / 2013 / 5mins / directed by Elena Schoenfeld and Martine Ulmer
Divided and falling, entwined with tongues, a cat runs from noses to ears. Here’s a mouse, there’s a djembé. To the elephant’s leg and back: Mind the Cat!!

MakeAWish_003MAKE A WISH

USA / 2012 / 3:26mins / directed by Hee Jin Kim 
What should she chose? Voluptuous breasts or her pet hamster?

the-cold-heartTHE COLD HEART

Germany / 2012 / 29mins / directed by Hannes Rall
An adaptation of the German tale ‘The Cold Heart’ by Wilhelm Hauff, the story of a young man who trades his warm heart for a cold stone in order to become rich (with color design by renowned animation-designer Hans Bacher).


2011 /Argentina / 6mins / directed by Juan Pablo Zaramello. 
In a world controlled and timed by the light, a common man has a plan that could change the destiny. Oscar-nominated stop motion animation (not in competition).

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