Experimental and Shorts

Sunday, March 10

2:15-4:30 pmticket
US Navy Heritage Center
$12 in advance HERE or at the door



Switzerland / 2012 / 14:38mins / directed by Anthony Jerjen  
To avoid bankruptcy, a magician named Leonard decides to perform the biggest and most dangerous trick of his career, despite the advice of his manager.

Return to the World of DanceRETURN TO THE WORLD OF DANCE

USA / 2012 / 7mins / directed by Dan Boord, Marilyn Marloff and Luis Valdovino  
An instructional guide for those perplexed by the post modern condition.

DoktorFang02DOKTOR FANG 

Canada / 17:45 mins / directed by Owen Coughlan
Brilliant Scientist Fang overhears Freud and Jung arguing about the nature of dreams: When Fang suggests a third possibility they beat him up and steal his wallet. And then… (Mask characters with animation).


UK and Japan / 2012 / 4mins / directed by Kacey Morrow
Two tourists traveling alone and worlds apart, unknowingly hold an inescapable connection.


USA /2012 / 17mins / directed by Mark Hitz                                         
A young girl protects herself from the rush of time using an empty film camera.


Italy / 2012 / 30mins / directed by Antonio De Palo
A  child with Down Syndrome sneaks into the small-town theater to witness rehearsals for a show inspired by Marcel Marceau.

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