USA/ 2012/ 74mins/ directed by Kevin McKinney and Jill McKeever
USA/ 2012/ 74mins/ directed by Kevin McKinney and Jill McKeever

Friday, March 8

7 pm
US Navy Heritage Center
Screens in the president’s room

$8 in advance HERE or at the door

Filmmaker in attendance




In 1996, commercial radio underwent a quiet revolution. In the wake of the new “Telecom Act,” local station owners everywhere sold their stations to conglomerate groups as fast as they could. The new corporate owners gutted staffs.  Featuring interviews with Jewel, The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne, and former Butt Hole Surfers manager Tom Bunch, and a wide array of DJs and experts who have witnessed radio’s destruction from the inside, CORPORATE FM presents the sad, shocking truth of the impact of the deregulation of the radio industry.

Corporate FM is about what happens when a city loses a communal microphone.  By investigating how the financial system gutted commercial radio instead of growing it, documentary filmmakers Kevin McKinney and Jill McKeever reveal the problem and propose a solution that could revitalize the medium and rejuvenate the communities that radio is legally obliged to serve.

Kevin McKinney (director/producer/editor/camera) McKinney has a passion for taking complex subjects and finding the whimsical truth in them.  He is a winner or the Aspiring Filmmakers’s Award for his previous film Planet Trash. He believes that the sociological impact of radio for local community support is more powerful than the internet or any other technology.  That is part of what led him to make this film.

Jill McKeever (producer/editor) is a cross-disciplinary artist living in Kansas City, MO.  In addition to shooting, editing, and producing Corporate.FM for the last 4 years with Kevin, she is a botanical perfumer and owner of ‘For Strange Women’ perfume.  Jill’s love for music and desire to support the bands that act as a deeply uniting force drew her to Kevin’s message in “Corporate.FM”.

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