We Women Warriors

USA / 2012 / 83mins / directed by Nicole Karsin
USA / 2012 / 83mins / directed by Nicole Karsin





Friday, March 8

Voice of America (VOA) Building Auditorium, Wilbur J. Cohen Building 

330 Independence Avenue, SW , (use the entrance on C Street between 3rd and 4th Streets)

Followed by a Q&A with director Nicole Karsin and Omar Martinez, Latin American Working Group ( LAWG)/ refreshments served 

This is a FREE screening in honor of International Women’s Day, March 8th. RSVP Requested but not required FOLLOW LINK HERE TO RSVP



In Colombia’s indigenous villages, three brave women from distinct tribes guide us through their worlds. Trapped in a protracted predicament that is fueled by the drug war, indigenous women use their resources and tradition to lead in a transforming way imbued with hope.  The fighting between the guerrillas, paramilitary groups, and armed forces imperils Colombia’s 102 aboriginal groups, dozens of which face extinction because of the conflict.  We Women Warriors bears witness to neglected human rights catastrophes and interweaves character-driven stories about female empowerment, unshakable courage, and faith in the endurance of indigenous culture.

Director’s Statement:  While working as a correspondent in Colombia I learned that nearly one-third of the nation’s 102 indigenous groups are in danger of extinction because of the violence. …When I met the film’s protagonists Doris, Ludis and Flor in 2006, they were each facing complicated choices, representative of the many life-and-death situations in Colombia that remain unbeknownst to many. The objective in making We Women Warriors was to shine a light on these remarkable female leaders who were using peaceful methods to transform their lives and transcend oppression. Like feminism, this documentary is both personal and political…It’s a great privilege that these incredible women and communities entrusted me with their stories despite the risks involved.

…provides a metaphor for the inextricable bond between Colombia’s indigenous people and their land and culture”  – Village Voice

“…captures the heroism of native women in Colombia.”Los Angeles Times

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