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baromas 8 (2)BAROMAS (FOREVER)

India / 2012 / 124mins / directed by Dhiraj Meshram
Based on the Award-winning novel by Sadanand Deshmukh, this film visits rural India and the issues of corruption, unemployment and farmers’ suicides amidst harsh socio-economic conditions. The story of hope and determination as two brothers, both educated and jobless, take on the system in entirely contrasting ways. DC Premiere



Switzerland / 2012 / 73mins / directed by Peter Luisi
After 16-year-old Mia gets hurt in love, she and her sister decide to take revenge on a boy. When other people and unexpected feelings start getting involved, the game of the two girls suddenly begins to take on dangerous proportions. East Coast Premiere

Cast: Nicolas Wright, Lara Gilchrist, Hillary Jardine, Gerard PlunkettCAMERA SHY

Canada / 2012 / 91mins / directed by Mark Sawers
A dark comedy about a corrupt city councilman (Nicolas Wright) whose life spins out of control after a mysterious cameraman begins terrorizing him. East Coast Premiere

hardshoulder1HARD SHOULDER

UK / 2012 / 88mins / directed by Nicholas David Lean
When Carl (Wil Johnson) reluctantly agrees to a strained weekend away with his family, a trip to the remote Welsh moors becomes a HORRIFIC fight for survival as a convoy of carnival travelers violently forces the family off the road. US Premiere

methheadMETH HEAD

USA / 2013 / 108mins / directed by Jane Clark
Kyle Peoples (Lukas Haas) sees a chance to escape his mundane reality, but his new friendship with Maia (Necar Zadegan) and Dusty (Blake Berris), and the trio’s love of crystal meth eventually cost Kyle everything – his job, his lover (Wilson Cruz), his family and his home. World Premiere


USA / 2012 / 75 mins / directed by Nicholas Richards
Near Normal, Illinois, but certainly far from normal, this is a strange day in the life of Phin (Geno Rathbone) who, stuck in a gorilla costume, must raise $3000 after his neighbor holds Phin’s car for ransom. World Premiere


Philippines & USA / 2012 / 81mins / directed by Paul Sta Ana
A gritty, gripping story unfolds in a Philippine slum, where even death becomes a provider as people exploit the dead in order to survive by holding sakla (illegal gambling) at staged wakes. US Premiere

shoutingsecrets2SHOUTING SECRETS

Switzerland / 2012 / 88mins / directed by Korinna Sehringer
A successful Native American writer whose novel sold out his family finds himself pulled back home to San Carlos Apache reservation.  A story about a Native-American family with unique struggles yet universal truths and a film with a stellar Native-American cast; Chaske Spencer, Gil Birmingham, Q’orianka Kilcher, Tyler Christopher, Tantoo Cardinal and Rodney A. Grant. DC Premiere

TheFirstWinter_StillTHE FIRST WINTER

Canada / 2012 / 72mins / directed by Ryan Mc Kenna
Offbeat and deadpan, this is a bitter-sweet tale about a young man in Portugal who, having impregnated a vacationing Canadian, must face the inhospitable Canadian landscape and its hopeless denizens when he emigrates to join her. East Coast Premiere

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