Camera Shy

Shy  Canada / 2012 / 91mins / directed by Mark Sawers
Canada / 2012 / 91mins / directed by Mark Sawers

Saturday, March 9

7:30 pm
US Navy Heritage Center
$12 in advance HERE or at the door

East Coast Premiere / Post-screening Q&A with director Mark Sawers.



A corrupt city councilor (Nicolas Wright) is pushing a new casino.  A cameraman starts following him filming everything he does, starting in a motel room where he’s having a bit of sex with his secretary.

Mark Sawers’s satire of political corruption comes with an extra charge of craziness, as we discover in the second scene: reclining in a motel room after some extramarital recreation, Larry looks in the mirror and sees a cameraman taping him. How did this guy get in the room? Turns out he’s everywhere: in Larry’s office as he crafts his shady deals, in his kitchen as he slyly manipulates his family and, ultimately, in his psychiatrist’s office as he seeks help for his mysterious plight.  The director positions himself as the cameraman, and poor Larry comes to believe that his life is a fictional contrivance—the very movie we’re watching. An arrogant optimist to the end, he thinks he can manipulate the movie; the fun lies in watching him being proven wrong.

Cast: Nicolas Wright, Lara Gilchrist, Hillary Jardine, Gerard Plunkett

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