Hard Shoulder

UK / 2012 / 88mins / directed by Nicholas David Lean
UK / 2012 / 88mins / directed by Nicholas David Lean

Friday, March 8

9:30 pm
US Navy Heritage Center
$12 in advance HERE or at the door

DC Premiere
Cast: Will Johnson, Jamie Foreman, Angela Dixon, James Fisher
Oceanstorm Films  www.oceanstormfilms.com

Screens with Heads Up USA / 2012 /13mins / directed by Alex Merlin



Carl Foster takes off on a well-deserved weekend break with his family knowing only too well that focus on work has impacted his relationship with his wife, young son, and teenage step-daughter. But after a restful break in the journey Carl awakens to find himself tied and bound in an old roadside diner, his family trussed and gagged next to him, and a disparate group of dirty, dishevelled, vagrant-like undesirables keeping them captive. Only time will reveal who they are and what they want, but things are not everything they might seem.

Director’s Statement: The world that lies just beyond clarity, beyond the bright enveloping warmth of daylight and comfort, is a place we fear, inhabited by people we fear. It is those places, and those people who bring our worlds to a sudden and terrifying halt, because they have the scope and capability to be truly something beyond our ordinary understanding; intoxicatingly maladjusted, depraved, and remorseless. Our inability to determine such monstrousness even when it stares us in the face is what we fear most…I wanted to bring audiences to a place of intense discomfort, to a world inhabited by seemingly well intentioned, ordinary people but for whom the agenda is selfishness, dereliction, and neglect.

headsupScreens with HEADS UP

USA / 2012 /13mins / directed by Alex Merlin
An edgy, comedic story of two long time friends, partners in crime, and the extreme situation that arises at the weekly poker game.

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