Meth Head

USA / 2013 / 108mins / directed, and written by Jane Clark, story inspired by John W. McLaughlin
USA / 2013 / 108mins / directed and written by Jane Clark

Thursday, March 7

7:30 – 8:15 pm Reception
8:15pm: Screening

US Navy Heritage Center
$15 (screening & reception) in advance HERE or at the door

World Premiere/ Post-screening Q&A with director and cast.



Kyle Peoples (Lukas Haas) never wanted to be the man he has become in his 30’s – stuck in a dead end job, engaged to a lover (Wilson Cruz) who is more successful than he, and saddled with a family that doesn’t get him at all. When an innocent night of partying leads to a new family of friends and fun, Kyle sees an opportunity to escape from his reality.  But Kyle’s escape becomes his trap, the party is an illusion and the crystal is slowly killing him, physically and psychologically. When he finally bottoms out, no longer the kid his father once spoke of with pride, Kyle must choose: life or meth.

But Kyle’s new friendship with Maia (Necar Zadegan) and Dusty (Blake Berris), and the trio’s love of crystal meth eventually cost Kyle everything – his job, his lover, his family and his home.

Prior to director Jane Clark’s feature directing debut with “Meth Head,” Jane produced the feature film, “Elena Undone,” for writer/director Nicole Conn.”  Her seventh short, “Beyond Words,” Jane wrote and directed for producer Pete Maggi (“Merchant of Venice,” “Irresistible,” “Head in the Clouds”). The film won the Illuminate Award in 2009. All prior films have seen Jane multi-tasking as producer/director/writer/editor, including “The Touch,” which played 30+ festivals, won best short and aired on HERE TV fall 08; and “Carries Choice,” which was made with the support of Planned Parenthood  LA. Both films were fiscally sponsored by Women Make Movies and supported by the Panasonic Digital Filmmakers grant. “Carries Choice” won 1 award, was nominated for best short, was a finalist in the USA Film Festival and is now distributed through Intermedia, Inc, which is also distributing her sixth short, “MOM.” Prior to that was “A Host of Daffodils,” which played in 16 festivals, earned 2 awards, was nominated 4 times for best short film.

A FilmMcQueen Production
Produced by Jane Clark, Gary Weeks and John W. McLaughlin
Cast : Lukas Haas, Wilson Cruz, Necar Zadegan, Blake Berris, Scott Patterson, John W. McLaughlin, Tom Sizemore.

“An intense, superbly acted film that never let’s you escape the highs and lows of the characters in the plot. First-time feature director, Jane Clark, has made an engaging, emotionally powerful film out of the dregs of meth addiction that rushes you along with a strong script and mesmerizing soundtrack .” – Deirdre Evans-Pritchard, Executive Director, DC Independent Film Festival

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