Oros (The Coinbearer)

Philippines & USA / 2012 / 81mins / directed by Paul Sta Ana
Philippines & USA / 2012 / 81mins / directed by Paul Sta Ana

Friday, March 8

6:45 pm
US Navy Heritage Center
$12 in advance HERE or at the door

US Premiere / In Tagalog with English Subtitles

Screens with LIFELESS #BeingKindaDeadSortaSucks, USA/2012/28:46/directed by  VP Boyle


Set in a decadent world in the city’s slums, death becomes a provider people run sakla operations (illegal gambling) during wakes for the dead, exploiting the dead in order to generate income and pay for burials.  A funeral parlor owner sells an unidentified body to Makoy,  who, along with his reluctant brother, Abet, to hold a three-week long fake wake holding the illegal saklaan.  An intriguing tale with a final “twist of the knife.”

Cast:  Kristoffer King, Kristoffer Martin, Tanya Gomez, Kim Komatsu, Diva Montelaba and Angelita Raymundo  Produced by JD Beales and Josabeth Alonso.

Director Paul Sta. Ana graduated with a degree in Philosophy but decided to pursue a career in media.  He won the Best Screenplay award for the film, Mayohan (Maytime) in the 2010 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and garnered a nomination for Best Screenplay from the Young Critics Circle and the Gawad Urian for the film Bisperas (Trespassers) in 2012.

USA / 2012 / 28:46mins / directed by VP Boyle
A musical about eight high school grads who accidentally spill Extra-Strength-Blue-Plummer-Gel into their party punch and wake up undead.

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