Shorts I

Saturday, March 9

noon-2:30 pmticket
US Navy Heritage Center
$12 in advance HERE or at the door

ACureProductionStillA CURE

USA / 2012 / 11:30mins / directed by Matthew Herbertz                                                                     
Pulled out of school when her mother finds out her sexual interest in other girls, Sarah is forced by her mother to undergo reparative therapy.

chanceencounterCHANCE ENCOUNTER 

USA /2013 / 5mins / Eric Richardson-Hagans
A cop comes across a dangerous criminal during what he thinks will be a routine stop.


Italy / 2012 / 16mins / directed by Andrea La Mendola
A personal view of narcissism and madness inspired by the ancient greek myth, Narcissus and Echo: a man’s girlfriend is brutally murdered under mysterious circumstances.


Germany / 2012 /19:30mins / directed by Marco Gadge
Shadows are all Commissioner Stern sees: the darkness he comes from is too powerful to escape.


USA / 2012 / 23mins /directed by Bambadjan Bamba
A young immigrant assimilating to life in America in a home dominated by a stoic and unwavering African father.

001_ThisisCaroline2_l_t479THIS IS CAROLINE 

USA / 2012 / 16mins / directed by Danny Abel
The story of how an accident, misinterpreted as a suicide attempt, forces a girl to acknowledge real feelings of loneliness.


USA / 2012 / 14mins / directed by Wenhwa Ts’ao
As a veteran struggles to adjust to civilian life, her experiences in the war come back to challenge her on one fateful night.

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