2014 Documentary Finalists


Brothers Hypnotic

Directed by Reuben Atlas

Netherlands & USA / 2013 / 86mins
The eight young men in the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble are all sons of anti-establishment Chicago jazz musician, Phil Cohran. They grew up in the same house, in a family of 24 siblings, on a strict diet of jazz, funk, and Black Consciousness. Now grown, they must decide whether their fathers’ principles really are their own.

DespiteTheGodsDespite the Gods

Directed by Penny Vozniak

Australia / 2012 / 85mins (not in competition)
In 2008, Hollywood’s prodigal daughter, Jennifer Lynch, traveled to India to direct Hisss: a creature-feature film about the vengeful snake Goddess Nagin. But things go wrong very quickly. Perhaps there is a good reason why Hollywood and Bollywood have never blended like this before.


Directed by Amy Finkel
USA / 2013 / 80mins

An exploration of the dimensions of grief people experience over the loss of a pet, Furever confronts assumptions regarding attachment, religion, ritual, grief, and death, and studies the bonds that form between humans and animals, both psychological and physiological.

Ofir Drori writes with chimpOfir

Directed by  Mark McDannald

USA / 2013 / 58mins
When Ofir Drori discovered that no one was fighting to disprove Jane Goodall’s dark prophecy that apes in the wild would soon be extinct, he decided that he was the man for the job.   Fearless guerilla filmmaking to save the gorillas.

PartnersForPeacePartners for Peace

Directed by Ed Kucerak

Canada / 2013 / 101mins
Under the leadership of Nobel Peace Laureates Jody Williams and Mairead Maguire, a delegation of American and Canadian women journey to Israel and Palestine to learn about the decades-long conflict and to reach out in solidarity to women activists forging a path toward peace.

roadtofameThe Road to Fame

Directed by Hao Wu

China / 2013 / 80mins
A rare, intimate look at the coming-of-age of some of China’s most promising yet confused youth as we follow the rehearsal process of the graduating class at China’s top drama academy staging ‘Fame’ the musical, China’s first official collaboration with Broadway.

This Ain't No Mouse Music!This Ain’t No Mouse Music!

Directed by Chris Simon and Maureen Gosling

USA / 2013 / 92mins
The story of Chris Strachwitz, the guiding force behind the legendary Arhoolie Records. Since 1960, Strachwitz has traveled with tape-recorder in hand  to plantations and prisons, roadhouses and whorehouses, churches and bayou juke joints. He returned with recordings that would revolutionize the sound of popular music.

Documentary Shorts

synapticadventureA SynapTic Adventure: Tourettes and Beyond

Directed by Stephen Dijoseph
USA / 2013 / 12mins

A humorous and insightful journey through the mind of a composer/performing artist who grew up, lives and thrives with Tourette’s Syndrome .


Ace of Diamonds

Directed by Anna Overgaard
USA / 2013 / 34mins

Nelson Dellis climbs mountains to raise awareness  for Alzheimer’s research and defends his extraordinary  title of two-time U.S. National World Memory Champion.

Guardian of GuanoGuardian of Guano

Directed by Ana Elisa Sotelo
USA / 2013 / 12mins

Isolation, commitment and knowledge shape the powerful work of guarding island birdlife in Peru.


Directed by Megha Kohli, Justin Reifert, Laurisha Cotton, Elizabeth Flock, Christine Kadama, Melissa Nyman, Nicole Ricci, and Gene Russo
USA / 2013 / 12mins

In 2013, Washington D.C. Public Schools closed 15 schools in an attempt to cut costs and reduce under-enrollment. Sharpe Health, a school for students with special needs, was among them and the impact is real.

No_Strangers_05_OlsonNo Strangers

Directed by Steven Kochones
USA / 2012 / 27mins

A celebration of cultural diversity through the images and commentary of acclaimed photographers, anthropologists and ethnographers.

SearchingForPerfectionSearching for Perfection

Directed by Sergey Gavrilov
Russian Federation / 2013 / 18mins

Californian born ballerina – Joy Annabelle Womack – moved on her own at the age of 15  to Russia to dance Russian classic ballet professionally.

eiffel towerWheelchair Diaries: One Step Up

Directed by Reid Davenport
USA / 2013 / 27mins

Director Reid Davenport has cerebral palsy and was discouraged from studying in Europe based on his disability…so he went to Europe to find out the truth.

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