2014 High School Student Finalists

Saturday, February 22nd

3:00 – 6:00pm
The Gala Hispanic Theater
Tickets at the DooR – $5

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Directed by Evan Sennett
USA / 5mins / Fiction

“I am a junior at the Youth Performing Arts School in Louisville Kentucky. I began making films in the third grade and have since appeared in over twenty film festivals. “Bongo” was filmed over the summer of 2013 at the Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts. I suppose the “funnest” part of filmmaking is consistently the “dreaming” part. The part where the concept is born and is filled with possibilities. The most difficult and draining part of making any film is the pre-production. After the script is complete, logistics is always a problem. I have had many inspirations, but the filmmaker that sent my view of movies to the next level was Stanley Kubrick.”

Directed by Patrick Y. Lee
Canada / 20mins / Fiction

“I am a sixteen-year-old Canadian student filmmaker. At the age of twelve, I became fascinated with cinema and have since directed eight films. In 2012, I wrote and directed a 20-minute psychological drama, Existence, which won a Gold Key from the Alliance of Young Artists and Writers for its captivating screenplay. My most recent film, The Winter March, won the Historica-Dominion Institute’s national Heritage Minutes contest.”

Directed by Nicholas Judt
USA / 7mins / Experimental

“I am a 16-year-old writer and filmmaker who lives in New York City. I began making films in 2011, and dabbled in documentary, fictional, and experimental formats. I had the idea for my short film “Impressions” in 2013, and worked closely with a few actors and a composer to make our vision a reality.”

Inside the Ring
Produced by Darian Henry, Imani Peterkin, Freddie Boehrer and Richard Opaku
USA / 8mins / Documentary

Not Quite Finished
Directed by Evan Bovie and Nick Callais
USA / 22mins / Fiction

“My name is Nick Callais, I am a senior at Manheim township high school in Lancaster Pennsylvania. I plan on attending film school after graduation and furthering my passion for film making. “Not Quite Finished” my debut short film was written produced, and co-directed by myself, I also played the main character.”

Directed by Stephen Boyer
USA / 5mins / Fiction

“I have grown up in Los Angeles, California and have been telling stories with films since I was six years old. I have won numerous film festivals around the country and am currently developing two web series.”

Rokt Lax (Smoked Salmon) 
Directed by Lukas Dong
USA / 6mins / Documentary

“I have been producing short films since age ten, and after years of learning and experimenting I found a strong pull towards visual story telling through unique camera angles and perspectives. One of the funnest parts of filming this documentary was shooting from the perspective of the salmon farm; I was trying to maneuver with all my gear and it was an incredible challenge not to fall in with the fish. The most difficult part of making “Rokt Lax” was deciding what I wanted it to be. I set off with the idea of a short portrait of the farmer, but it turned into a little more than I expected. I had to find a comfortable place in between my original short portrait and a more developed documentary. If I had the chance to work with any filmmaker I would choose Philip Bloom. Bloom uses unique visuals to drive his films, and he has been, and continues to be, such a big inspiration for my work.”

The Farm
Directed by Malone Lumarda
USA / 9mins / Fiction

“For me, the best part of making “The Farm” was how great the snow and ice looked in the final film. Ironically, the most difficult aspect of making the film was working out in the snow. It was very cold without a jacket, but it was definitely worth it to help the viewer really experience the frigid cold of winter. If I could work with any filmmaker in the world it would probably be Christopher Nolan. I love his movies, especially Memento, Inception, and The Prestige due to their psychological depth.”

Why Not?
Directed by Maria Hall
USA/ 4mins / Fiction

“My name is Mariah Hall, I’m a sophomore in Wichita, Kansas, I’ve been wanting to have a life in film since I was in fifth grade, and working hard at it ever since! Our film was actually made in one day for a 24 hour film competition! Nothing is more thrilling than working with people to make a film in such a stressful setting! My team and I had a blast, and it’s been fun seeing how well it’s actually done! The people I’m pretty sure I would die if I had the opportunity to work with include only the greats: Stanley Kubrick, Quentin Tarantino, the Coen Brothers, and Martin Scorsese. I hope you all enjoy my film, it’s made only with pure adrenaline and teamwork.”

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