2014 Shorts Finalists

AM800 2AM800

Directed by James Roe
USA / 2013 / 18mins

Clyde Thompson’s reclusive, mundane life is changed forever when he discovers a mysterious tunnel in his living room closet.

ComputerPotatoComputer Potato

Directed by Todd Kipp
Canada / 2013 /12mins

A man seeks medical attention to overcome his desire to touch everyone he sees.

FestDerLiebeFest der Liebe

Directed by Anna Kirst
Austria / 2013 / 6mins

What seems like just a little fling to Louise means the world to Lucas, her lover which could destroy her perfect little family world.


Directed by Saurabh Bharat
India / 2013 / 29mins

The bonding of two women unknowingly connected through their painful past.

01Glacial Erratics

Directed by Samantha Buck
USA / 2013 / 9mins

Isabel, a young police officer, steps into her old middle school and questions her identity.


Directed by Francesco Ricci Lotteringi
Italy / 2013 / 30mins

Through the eyes of Halina, a little gypsy girl, the paths of three individuals are fated to cross in unpredictable ways.


Directed by Bruno Fritzsche
Germany / 2013 / 20mins

In the future a dictatorship of women rules the world and men are remains of a forgotten time.


Directed by Kristen Holodak
USA / 2013 / 2mins

Waiting for the bus can be dangerous.

Ne Te Retourne PasNe Te Retourne Pas

Directed by Sophia Liu
China and France / 2013 / 26mins

A complex, intense love story between two women.


Directed by Josh Allott
UK / 2013 / 21mins

Ruby, a fruit and veg vendor who’s learnt the ways of the world through Youtube tutorials falls for online DJ Vinyl Lionel and has to shut her laptop and go meet him for real.


Directed by Laura Morelll
USA / 2013 / 11mins

A young girl who views the world through an upside down lens is forced to come into contact with the outside world.


Directed by Charli Brissi and Courtney Harris
USA / 2013 / 3mins

A satirical, queer exploration of the ballet tradition, a tradition notoriously structured through Western ideologies of beauty, grace, and the feminine.

Perfect DayPerfect Day

Directed by Derrick L. Sanders
USA / 2013 / 16mins

Desmond, an intellectual loner, is thinking about how to steer clear of the chaos in his high school and how to get the attention of Aasha, the class beauty.


Directed by Quilke Frances
Spain / 2013 / 7mins

A hunter leaves home with two eggs, searching for his next trophy.

Psychedelic_breakfast-859x642Psychedelic Breakfast

Directed by Vadim Viner
Russia / 2013 / 6mins

About a spider and a filmmaker.


Directed by Channing Godfrey Peoples
USA / 2013 / 21mins

Crushed by the death of her beloved grandmother, grieving Red returns home to find that her lover has stolen a treasured possession.

SweetSweetCountrySweet, Sweet Country

Directed by Dehanza Rogers
USA / 2013 / 19mins

20 year-old refugee Ndizeye struggles to support not only herself in the US, but the family she left behind in a Kenyan refugee camp.

radiogamerThe Radio Gamers

Directed by Gretchen Olivero
USA / 2013 / 13mins

Two Gen Xer’s are inspired by a co-worker’s musical trivia archive after learning of his disconcerting death.

THEWELL_still001The Well

Directed by Christian Baker
USA / 2013 / 12mins

A young soldier stationed alone on the US/Mexican border during the Civil War shifts from childhood fantasies of heroism to the immediate consequences of violence.

ThisIsItThis is it

Directed by Alexander Engel
USA / 2013 / 3mins

Is it really a big deal if your house plant doesn’t survive in your first apartment together?

ThickerThanWaterThicker Than Water

Directed by Zach Lorkiewicz
USA / 2013 / 10mins

Brynn Fellow goes through an identity crisis when her parents reveal that she is not, in fact, adopted.


Directed by Sasha Sibley
USA / 2013 / 6mins

A man has something missing in his life, something as vital as water.


Directed by Rémi Allier
Belgium / 2013 / 19mins

Nine year-old Thomas observes the wheelings and dealings of a flea market’s sellers and embarks on a journey into the world of adults.

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