2015 Animation


Directed by Jon Hartman
(USA/2014 /01:44)

Animals do smoke cigarettes.

Bear Story

Directed by Gabriel Osorio


Through a tin marionette theater, an old bear tells us his life story.

Between Times

Directed by Max Porter & Ru Kuwahatah
(Netherlands & USA/2014/14.20mins)

A cuckoo clock recounts when bread was sliced one second thick, lovers fell in sync and time rarely flowed at an even rate.

Humble Pie

Directed by Cynthia Hogan

A fly learns a lesson about pride.

La Valigia_Still.1La Valigia (The Suitcase)

Directed by Pier Paolo Paganelli

Secluded in a bare room, an old man recalls the most important moments of his life.

Mirror in Mind

Directed by Seunghee Kim
(South Korea/2014/2mins)

A woman looks into her mind and chases her ideals on a tightrope.

Paper World

Directed by Wojciech Ostrycharz

A journey through a child’s imagination where everything is possible.

Purgatory Lounge

Directed by Aaron Martinez

A dead man in Purgatory is challenged to a drinking contest.


Directed by Sven Winszus
(Germany/2013/1:00 min)

Often enough, we only see what we expect to see.

RunCrabRun_Still1Run Crab Run!

Directed by Wei Lu
(USA/ 2014/6mins)

A duo of crabs tries to escape fate in the cruise ship’s kitchen.


Directed by Marisa Tontaveetong, Shir Wen Sun, Tamarind King and Yu Ueda

A cat’s eyes view of the last remaining drive-in theater in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Lady With Flower Hair

Directed by Sarah Tabibzadeh

She was different…even in childhood.

White Out

Directed by Cable Hardin

A lone pilot is faced with isolation on a cold, dark world.

Without a Doubt

Directed by Gerald Guthriey

A variation of philosopher Rene Descartes’ view of the world.

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