2015 Shorts


Directed by Mahalia Belo

An estranged mother (Anna Friel) abducts her two sons on Christmas Eve, but can she keep her children from harm.

Bedbugs: A Musical Love Story

Directed by Matthew Kowalchuk


Poor Tracy Polowski. Her only true friends are bedbugs.

Birthday Boy

Directed by Josef Lorenzo


8 year old Jeremy Finkle is having the worst birthday of his life, after killing all of his friends.

Bowes Academy

Directed by Greg Emetaz

Daniel Bloom, a 15-year-old presidential hopeful, will do anything to get to the elite boarding school of his dreams

Call Me Cappy

Directed by Maja Holzinger

Wally never knew he wanted anything out of life until he fell for a junk mail scam advertising a Caribbean cruise.


Directed by Sarah Smith


Identity is in the eye of the beholder.


Directed by Jeremy David White
(USA/ 2014/16:30)

When Jamie Rothschild receives a call from his estranged sister he’s forced to confront the surprisingly emotional decision to get ‘Enhanced.’

 pm 2 jpFirst Metro

Directed by Hugo P. Thomas


Damien rehearses in the public toilets for his first begging session on the metro.


Directed by Gaena de Sylva


A soulful music video.

My Love is Real

Directed by Russell Max Simon


Can we can trust our feelings when life is crashing down around us?


Directed by Matthew Richards

Abandoned by his parents, a damaged young teen is faced with a difficult choice when he brings his foreign girlfriend into the family home.

Schnee in Rio (The Way You Die)

Directed by  Manuel Vogel


1960. Night. A train on its way to the Iron Curtain. A bizarre spy story.


Directed by Shio Chuan Quek


An orphaned girl wants to be a famous makeup artist but life and death take her on a different path.


Directed by Miguel Angelo Pate

A girl fights for her and her infant brother’s survival in a brutal post-apocalyptic world.


Directed by Jonah Zeiger and Kimberly Harwood


Harry Scribner is a frustrated writer who finds himself caught between fictional worlds of his own making.

ThickerThanWater_Still1Thicker Than Water

Directed by Seung Yeob Lee

(South Korea/2014/13:45mins)

Sungyong’s mom has a vampire son and she tries to get him fresh blood everyday. One day, there’s no blood left at home.

We-got-you-back-still-03We Got Your Back

Directed by Viktor Hertz


There’s so much to feel guilty about nowadays.

We Know

Directed by Seandor Szeles and Olaf Steel


A young man goes to his girlfriend’s house for the first time when the worst thing imaginable happens.

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