2015 Documentaries

Blood, Sweat and Beer

Directed by Chip Hiden and Alexis Irvin

An exploration of the explosive growth of the US  craft beer industry  and the emotional stories of two start-up breweries.


Directed by Ryan Mckenna

Monochromatic portraits of Winnipeggers as stark silent listeners to a popular 1980s radio show.

EyeOfTheHurricane_Still1Eye of the Hurricane

Directed by Steven Flynn
(Ireland and USA/2015/95mins)

A story of self-discovery as the filmmaker documents the work of revered American folk singer/songwriter David Wilcox and the healing power of his music.

Gasper & Son

Directed by Hannah Jayanti, Jen G. Pywell and Miguel A. Rodriguez

Burning fingers while bending glass is the least of Robbie’s worries as he tries to keep the lights on in his neon shop sign in Queens with the skills he learned from his father.

In An Ideal World

Directed by Noel Schwerin

A prison warden, a white separatist and a black gangbanger struggle over seven years to move beyond the stark reality of America’s locked down racial order.

Le Semeur (The Sower)

Directed by Julie Perron

A portrait of artist and seed grower Patrice Fortier who dedicates his passion and expertise to preserving plant diversity.

dus village sunset-1Omo Child: The River and The Bush

Directed by John Rowe
(USA and Ethiopia/2015/89 mins)

Lale Labuko’s astonishing mission to change the ancient practice of killing “mingi” children …believed to bring disease, drought and death to his tribe in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia.

CrystalPic1 (1)Six Crystals: Conversations with AngelS

Directed by Natalie Johnson


The world of Crystal, a non-verbal disabled adult, as perceived by her mother, the filmmaker.


Directed by Betsy Cox

Having grown up in the violence of  Southeast DC in the 1980s as  students in the “I Have A Dream” program, participants and teachers reflect on reconciling the dream of college with daily survival.

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