Driving While Black

Friday, March 11th

ticket7:15 PM
navy memorial burke theater

Driving while black

Directed by Paul Sapiano
Lead Cast: Dominique Purdy, Sheila Tejada, John Mead
USA / 2015 / 94mins / DC Premiere
Dominique Purdy in attendance

A dark comedy based on police experiences as a black kid From LA.

Dimitri delivers pizza for a living, but as a young black man, he is faced with drama from the cops while navigating the city on a daily basis. We see the psychology behind Dimitri’s attitude towards the police through piercing flashbacks to his prior experiences with the cops and how it affects how he maneuvers in the streets now.

“Funny” isn’t the first word people associate with racial profiling, yet writer and actor Dominique Purdy and British director Paul Sapiano have humorously captured the absurdity of it and turned it into a dark comedy aptly titled, Driving While Black. The film follows a young, Black pizza delivery man named Dimitri and the challenges he faces as he tries to make it to a job interview in Los Angeles. – Atlanta BlackStar


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