Let’s Rap

Sunday, March 6th

ticket7:45 PM
Carnegie Institution for Science

Let’s Rap

Directed by Neil Huber
Lead Cast: Rachel Wilson, Brendan Gall
Canada / 2015 / 103mins / DC Premiere
Q & A with writers Jesse Herman and  Samantha Herman

After suffering a stress induced breakdown at work, Melanie Schnurr (Wilson) returns home to recuperate, where she is reunited with her brother, Bo (Gall), a failed stand-up comedian. Encouraged by the off-hand remark of their wearied father, Bo convinces Melanie to revive their childhood dream of performing glory. The two embark on an ill-conceived quest to get their own talk show as they engage in pop-culture infused banter. Their efforts are bolstered by Melanie’s long-term crush Ethan, a TV development exec, who is desperate to bring a fresh hit to his boss. Meanwhile, Bo begins a romance with the boss’s daughter, further inflaming Ethan’s workplace nemesis Stefano who initiates a plan to sabotage the entire group.

Presented with support from the Embassy of Canada

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