Like a Cast Shadow

Saturday, March 12th

ticket8:10 PM
navy memorial burke theater

like a cast shadow

Directed by Michael Krummenacher
Lead Cast: Anne Ratte Polle, Thomas Loibl, Dennis Kamitz
Germany / 2015 / 87mins / East Coast Premiere

After a stressful period in the office, Sibylle goes on vacation with her husband Jan and their two boys David and Luca to Lake Garda where she witnesses the suicide of a woman her age on her daily hikes along the cliffs above the lake. Devastated by this incident and left alone by her family, the perception of her life starts to change.

Back in Munich, Sibylle’s life increasingly falls apart. Sibylle’s alienation by her family intensifies. Mysterious incidents mount in the surrounding archaic housing estate. They all seem to be connected to the traumatic incident at Lake Garda. As she finally uncovers the other woman’s secret, it is almost too late for her to stop the process that has been set in motion.

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