Saturday, March 12th

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Directed by Derek Kimball
Lead Cast:Jane Ackermann, Tony Reilly, William McDonough III, Dylan Chestnutt, Christine Marshall
USA / 2015 / 102mins / DC Premiere

Set in the late 1980s on an island off the coast of Maine, NEPTUNE follows the last summer of Hannah Newcombe’s childhood. Raised in a church by the island’s insular priest, Hannah has led a sheltered life. She plans on attending a prestigious Catholic school on the mainland at the summer’s end. But the sudden disappearance of a classmate, swallowed by the sea, leads her to reexamine her ambitions.

Hannah’s quiet obsession with the missing boy grows, leading to haunting dreams and visions. To pacify them, she vies to fill the missing boy’s role as a stern-man on his father’s lobster-boat. Lobstering introduces Hannah to broader and more elemental environs than those of the church. It wrenches her from her sheltered life and challenges her dictated, narrow stream of experience. Before long, Hannah’s fixation and intense work take their toll and her intellect gives way to mania. She lashes out at those around her, severing ties, struggling to break free from the island to find autonomy. NEPTUNE is a screen-story about a young girl’s search for an omnivorous spiritual path, and her discovery of a wider world.

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