2016 Summit on the Hill

Virtual Rights and Avatars

Thursday, March 3rd: 9:30 AM – 12:00 Noon

Cannon House Office Building, Room 121, 1st & C St SE, Washington, DC 20003 (Capitol South Metro).
Allow time to pass security to enter the building.

Presented by the Honorable Congressman Brad Sherman
& the Congressional Entertainment Caucus

This event is free and open to the public / #DCIFFavtrs

Experts in technology and intellectual property law discuss creative digital characters— avatars —which are challenging long-standing doctrines of ownership. Can and should facial features, voice, behavior, ethnicity, gender and historical fact be unique and proprietary. 

9:30am: Welcome from the Honorable Congressman Brad Sherman, Chair of the House    Entertainment Industries Caucus.
9:40am: Welcome by Deirdre Evans-Pritchard, Executive Director DCIFF
9:45am: Panel Discussion

Allen Lundell, journalist, technology editor and videographer, Virtual World Studio
Emerging trends in technology and entertainment.       

Sun MacNamee Lundell, Partner, Virtual World Studio
3D content and the impact of affordable performance capture

Dr. James Hahn, Motion Capture and Analysis Lab, George Washington University
Technology research that impacts independent filmmakers: the evolution of VR, motion/performance capture, law and licensing and opportunities for content creators.

Melissa Malzkuhm,  Creative Director of Motion Light Lab at Gallaudet University
Melissa will discuss the development of research-based interactive learning experiences for children and working with her team on creating signing avatars through motion capture.

Joy R. Butler, Attorney, Business, Technology, Entertainment and Licensing Law
The ways in which entertainment law, licensing and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) respond to motion capture and virtual characters in film, gaming and media. 

11:15am: Coffee Break

11:30am-12:00noon: Audience Q&A with Panelists

Contact: Russell Imrie, Summit Coordinator  onthehilldciff@gmail.com