2017 Animations


Directed by Evelyn Jane Ross
(USA/2016/2:27mins/DC Premiere)

Clay bodies melt into a sensuous tide of human consciousness. In a land of creation, Adam who is mormally seen as a man is a woman.

All the World is a Stage

Directed by Hannes Rall
(Germany/2016/1:30mins/DC Premiere)

An animated adaptation of the famous Shakespeare poem “All The World’s A Stage” narrated by the renowned Shakespeare actor and director Samuel West.

Batfish soup

Directed by Amanda Bonaiuto
(USA/2016/4:34mins/DC Premiere)

Batfish Soup is a fictionalized absurdist film based on memories of freakish childhood visitations with my grandparents. Violence, senseless fear, and play become indistinguishable as the characters dance their way through the evening.

Chika, the Dog in the Ghetto

Directed by Sandra Schießl
(Germany/2016/16:12mins/DC Premiere)

Chika the dog and the five-year old Mikasch are the heroes of this story which is set in a Jewish ghetto in an unnamed Polish city. The little dog helps Mikasch to develop as a child despite the persecution of the Jews and the threats of the 2nd World War.


Directed by Kirsten Johnson
(Canada/2016/4:55mins/US East Coast Premiere)

A woman wakes up covered in toys. Is she hungover? Depressed? Can she get up? Live action and stop-motion animation fuse together in this mad ride exploring self-doubt, delusion, misplaced inner voices and embroidery floss.

Early Wish (Not a Ballerina)

Directed by Hetty van Oordt & Jasper Kuipers
(Netherlands/2016/1:01mins/World Premiere)

A childhood wish seems to become fulfilled. History tells its own story.


EI: Emotional Intelligence

Directed by Dennis Kim
(South Korea/2016/9mins/World Premiere)

The story of an AI unit who is anything but artificial.



Directed by Adrienne Dowling
(United Kingdom/2016/10mins/USA Premiere) 

A stop motion fairytale in which an aquatic creature tries to win the heart of a sea-witch.


Fox and the whale

Directed by Robin Joseph
(Canada/2016/12:03mins/DC Premiere) 

Fox and the Whale follows the story of a curious fox who goes in search of an elusive whale. a journey of longing and discovery.

The History of Magic – Ensueño

Directed by José Luis González 
(USA/2016/5:27mins/USA East Coast Premiere)

When the high school bell rings, Ester Bolaños carves out her own path in the search for something, anything, beyond her soul-smothering existence in a small Texas border-town.


Directed by Anna Lytton
(Germany/2016/5:17mins/USA Premier)

To touch and be touched, to reveal and conceal. Pencil lines exploring skin, an inner world made visible on the body’s outer layer. Movements and gestures become manifestations of the relationship between the body and my drawings.

New York City Sketchbook

Directed by Willy Hartland
(USA/2016/13mins/World Premier)

Sketchbook drawings come to life in this dreamy vision of New York City.


Panic Attack

Directed by Eileen O’Meara
(USA/2016/14mins/DC Premiere) 

You know the nagging thoughts that start with “did I leave the coffee on?” and turn in to “what if I give birth to Satan’s baby?” This hand-drawn animation explores anxiety, obsession, and one woman’s slippery hold on reality.

The Past Inside the Present

Directed by James Siewert
(USA/2016/12:13mins/DC Premier)

An allegorical tale of a couple who attempt to renew their dying relationship by plugging directly into recordings of their memories.


Rabbit Blood

Directed by Yagmur Altan
(Turkey/2016/5mins/DC Premier)

Just an ordinary day at an old mysterious Turkish country house where its residents have an extraordinary way of brewing tea.

thankyouforvisiting_still2Thank You For Visiting

Directed by Dinesh Ram
(India/2016/11mins/World Premier)

The story of habitat loss told through the life of a bear in a regular city zoo. Between day dreams of the past and mundane happenings of the present, an opportunity presents itself for the bear to make its escape.

White Silence

Directed by Kim Hyo-mi
(Republic of Korea/2016/13:41mins/US Premier)

Mi-joo invites her friends to her house for her birthday. But her friends decide to go play with Tofu, Hyun-ji’s dog. The jealous Mi-joo kidnaps Tofu!

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