2018 High School Student Films

Saturday, February 17th

11:15 — 12:50pm
Naval Heritage Center
$5 Tickets AT THE DOOR

Followed by Speed Dating with Professional Filmmakers for Emerging Filmmakers (open to all): 12:50 – 2pm

Photo 2 Screenshot_2017-02-27_18.47.23_previewAfter Life on Earth

Directed by Callahan Bracken
(Canada / 2017 / 2mins /DC Premiere)

A man finds himself abandoned on a post-apocalyptic Earth, where he must find the fastest way to evacuate.


Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 7.27.40 pm


Directed by Ryan Beard, Ceci Becker, Alexander Gaither, Stephen Gentry
(USA / 2017 / 9mins / DC Premiere)

A policeman making what seems to be a fairly routine arrest learns that this criminal has information on a mistake he made early in his career.


Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 7.38.35 pm

Common Places

Directed by Grace Gallagher
USA / 2017 / 10mins / DC Premiere)

A slice of life short film that follows the days of three women, a child, a teenager, and their mother.


Headshot 0ebfd1d18a-headshot_preview


Directed by David Murillo
(Chile / 2017 / 4mins / DC Premiere)

Life can sometimes feel monotonous and repetitive, but we must not make the mistake of confusing it with a game…


Directed by Matthew Gannon
(USA / 2017 / 7mins / DC Premiere)

The plight of the 3.5 million Americans who experience homelessness each year.


Make Believe

Directed by Matthew Thomas
(USA / 2017 / 3mins / World Premiere)

Some kids play by the rules. Some don’t.


3856898_preview.jpegNot As I Do

Directed by Deeksha Marla
(USA / 2017 / 9mins / US Premiere)

A young girl discovers her dad is not the hero she thought he was.



Directed by Nyeonho Song
(South Korea / 2017 / 11mins / World Premiere)

Only 5 minutes left until the play starts, and the director is struggling to fix all the problems.


Through the Window

Directed by Zachary Spicer
(USA / 2017 / 13mins / World Premiere)

Two thirteen year-old girls share a home and a sleepless night of adventure.



Directed by Nicolas Medrano
(USA / 2017 / 4mins / DC Premiere)

A critical look at over-dependence on technology in modern society.


Welcome Home

Directed by Luke Broyles
(USA / 2017 / 8mins / World Premiere)

An intimate perspective of five Vietnam veterans, after they return home.


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