2019 Series

A Billion to One

Directed by CollabFeature Filmmakers
USA / 2018 / 15mins

Rumors have leaked over the Internet that American multi-billionaire Leo Richter is dying and looking for a single person to inherit his massive $82 billion fortune. People from every part of the world, are asked to send in a video explaining why they are worthy of inheriting his fortune.

Chronicles of a Bleep Year Old Woman

Directed by Angela Atwood
USA / 2018 / 9:32mins

Once upon a time there was a BLEEP Year Old Woman. One day, she awakens to her desire, nay, NEED, to dream-come-true (the verb). Episode 1 finds her in Ballet Class where she quickly discovers there ain’t no such thang as “beginner” in the Gigantic Apple.


Directed by Jamie Effros
USA / 2018 / 18:30mins

In the near future, a weekly meeting of Device Addicts Anonymous (DAA) is the refuge for six strangers consumed by their virtual worlds. But when a new member joins the group, bringing with him something beyond addiction, they begin to realize that their connection to the virtual and to each other may be far more than coincidence.

Rock and Bowl Express: Episode 1

Directed by Ray Mallick
USA / 2018 / 9mins

In this mockumentary, a film crew follows the story of three wrestlers, Francisco, Nick and Smitty, as they continually fumble in their hopes of becoming professional wrestlers.

The Cottages

Directed by John Darbonne
USA / 2018 / 30mins

Five people struggle to stay alive after they get the opportunity to live for free in The Cottages; a new type of communal living where you can be anyone you want to be, even if it is your neighbor.

Too Faded  

Directed by John R. Powell
USA / 2018 / 17:20mins

When a neighborhood barbershop is left in the hands of three young barbers they each face unique challenges. Especially Smokey, a cocky, enterprising young barber, who throws normal shop procedures out the window and unintentionally turns the shop into a trap house.


Directed by Ginny Leise
USA / 2018 / 9:21mins 

When Claire Joseph and Selin Polat decide to get green-card-married they think their only concern will be paperwork and pictures, but marriage is hard work, especially when you’re faking it.


Directed by Milena Govich
USA / 2018 / 15:21mins 

A young woman’s only option to avert authorities is to claim to be a girl who disappeared years ago as a child. But when the missing girl’s family welcomes the impostor home, she’s forced to keep the deception alive or face the consequences.

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