2021 Chills and Thrills Short Films

Scary Story To Tell In The Dark #684 

directed by Carlos Gonzalez-Fernandez
USA / 2020 / 13.17 mins

A woman is awoken in the middle of the night by a series of increasingly strange and threatening phone calls.


Household Demons

directed by by John Gray
USA / 2020/ 9:10 mins

 A young boy is forced to deal with the entity that possesses his mother.


Director John Gray is a New York based writer-director. He created the long running hit CBS series GHOST WHISPERER, as well as writing and directing many award winning and critically acclaimed movies for television, such as MARTIN AND LEWIS, starring Sean Hayes and Jeremy Northam, A PLACE FOR ANNIE with Sissy Spacek, HAVEN with Natasha Richardson and Anne Bancroft, and many others.


Snake Dick

directed by David Mahmoudiah
USA / 2020 / 8.05mins

Jill’s got the snake. Julia’s got the flute. Alone, they have nothing. But together, they have a secret weapon to fight the darkness….

Director David Mahmoudiah began his career as a trainee AD on productions including “X-Files”, “The Outer Limits” and “Batman Begins”, where he was lucky enough to learn from some of the best directors in the business. Almost a decade ago, David made the step-up from AD with his directing debut for Coldplay’s “Lost”, and has since become an award-winning director of commercials for brands including Google, Lego and Samsung. He now owns, and directs through, his production company Alpha Wolves, with clients including Yahoo, Universal Music and Porsche.

Night Waking

directed by Shoshana Rosenbaum
USA / 2020 / 7:55 mins

At home one night with their two young children, Ari and her wife Miriam face an existential threat. 


Director Shoshana Rosenbaum is a writer/director based in Washington, D.C. Her award-winning short films have screened at festivals around the U.S. and internationally. Her screenplay AT THE EDGE OF THE WOODS (formerly THE GOBLIN CHILD) was named to The 2017 Bitch List. With her feature script THE CREEPY HOUSE, she was a finalist in the 2015 Austin Film Festival Pitch Competition. 



directed by Jackson McKeehan

Tired of the monotony in her life, a midwestern farmer’s wife spies on her neighbors through the scope of her gun. 


Director Jackson was born in the mountains of Montana and raised on a farm in rural Missouri. After studying acting, he went on to pursue a career in fashion design. His menswear collection, Boyswear, received critical success for its juxtaposition of cultural references and visual punch. Since, McKeehan has installed controversial sex cushions in a bathhouse, developed relationships with strangers through classified ads, lived in disguise in his hometown, and worked as a gas station attendant in rustic Montana. Jackson’s design work has been featured in The New York Times, WWD, The LA Times, and more. His short film Blue, Diane screened in festivals across the country.

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