Astounding Animation

Saturday, February 22nd

ticket_small2:15 PM

alifewithaspergersA Life with Asperger’s

Directed by Jamie Ekken
An animated documentary that explores the challengers of growing up and living with Asperger’s Syndrome via  a collage of photography, rotoscope, animated characters and live action footage.

CreationAndHopeCreation & Hope

Directed by Keith Carter and Gia Kereselidze
Native Americans watch the world going by faster and faster and faster.


Dogonauts: Enemy Line

Directed by Shel Rasch
In this twist on the galaxy far, far away genre, a Dogonaut and a Space Flea shoot each other down only to awake side by side, marooned on an alien desert planet.

ElysianFieldsElysian Fields

Directed by Ina Conradi
Inspired by the sacrifices made by generations preceding us and expanding upon an exploration of World War II; Elysian Fields fuses fantastical and historical into a surreal reconfiguration of the present.


Directed by Chadwick Whitehead
A farmer struggles to keep his farm when Mr. Fall’s fault finding goes too far and a judge must question his judgment.

fibonaccibreadFibonacci Bread

Directed by Danijel Zezel
During an afternoon nap, a dream reveals to Fibo the baker the geometrical golden rule behind the pattern of his daily routine.

LightMeUpLight Me Up

Directed by Derek Dolechek and Ryan Walto
The conflict between Louie, an odd flame-shaped bulb, and his parents, when they ask him to take over the family business.

Salmon_Deadly_Sins_1200Salmon Deadly Sins

Directed by Steven Vander Meer
Five thousand salmon colored index cards, the seven deadly sins, bizarre anagrams and a host of serendipitous occurrences have mingled to make this remarkable flip book style film.


Directed by Celia Bullwinke
A woman walks through life, but the real journey is deeper within as she confronts her changing body and learns to love herself.


Directed by Robert Grieve
An idyllic market square is invaded by a slick fast-food vendor; What new methods must the traditional providores invent to battle for their livelihoods?

SiLunchai_Still1Si Lunchai

Directed by Hannes Ral
An adaptation of a beloved Indonesian trickster tale.

TheRoseOfTuraida_still_03The Rose of Turaida

Directed by Ryan Grobins
The tragedy of a beautiful young woman who makes the ultimate sacrifice for love and honor (based on a true story set in 17th century Latvia).

VirtuosVirtuell-Escape_2481x1754Virtuos Virtuell

Directed by Thomas Stellmach and Maja Oschmann
Synchronising to the music, abstract ink drawings ‘grow’ in an interplay of curiosity, timid encounters, dynamic pursuits and confrontation carrying us off on a poetical journey to a musical world of pictures.