2012 Festival Schedule

All events at the US Navy Heritage Center (Archives Metro Station, Yellow & Green Lines) unless indicated   

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5.30pm           St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, 619 10th St, Washington DC (one block from E Street Cinema)

Alumni Madrigal Singers from the National Cathedral & St.Alban’s  Schools and St. John’s Church sing a selection of Morten Lauridsen’s work with the composer attending. Free Admittance

Landmark E Street Cinema 

Shining Night: A Portrait of Morten Lauridsen
2012/78mins/Switzerland and USA/directed by Michael Stillwater.
Screened with Angels 2011/USA/11mins/directed by Zachary Kerschberg and Hide and Seek 3mins/Canada/directed by Aminder Dhaliwal)


9.00am – 1pm                     Independent Filmmaker Summit On The Hill Free Admittance

5.45pm – 6.45pm              Reception by invitation/Music by Patrice Moerman

6.45pm – 9.15pm   

Les Blank: Living With Film (a conversation with a documentary filmmaker extraordinaire and screening of new work plus selections from the classics)


A Swingin’ Trio 2011/80mins/USA/directed by Kelvin Phillips.
creened with Crazy Beats Strong Every Time 2011/27mins/ USA/directed by Moon Molson

Friday, March 2

12.00 noon

Sworn To the Drum/Les Blank, The National Museum of American History, Warner Bros. Theater, 14th St. & Constitution Ave, NW.


Zombie Walk – They’re called the “walking” dead for a reason, so join us as we lurch through the streets of Washington on DCIFF’s first ever zombie walk. Gather at the US Navy Heritage Center starting at 5 – walkers will leave promptly at 5:15.  Contact brecka.putnam@gmail.com for more information.

       Join us for Happy Hour 6-8pm/ Music by SolRose


The Bright Side of the Moon  2012/76 mins./ Canada/directed by Farhad Alizadeh Ahi; Just an hour ago 2011/30mins/Iran/directed by Sina Azin


Blood Red and Zombie White Wine Tasting  (Sponsored by Vampire Vineyards) Reanimate yourself with a “Fright Flight” – 3 glasses for $15. Individual glasses and alternative beverages available.


The Big Bad  2011/78mins/ USA/directed by Bryan EnkZombie Bohemia 2012/USA/12mins/directed by Vincent Brando/World Premiere  and Beneath 2011/16mins/USA/directed by Christopher Fernandez. Win prizes for Best Walking Dead and for Best Howl. Meet the directors of all three films and Shawn James, star of both “The Big Bad” and “Zombie Bohemia” as well as Jessi Gotti, writer, star and producer of “The Big Bad”.

Join us after the program for the Undead Afterparty at Hilton Mark Center in Alexandria, VA.


A rarely seen documentary by Les Blank – on a major rock star of the 70s, described by the Washington Post “The best film ever made on rock.” (1974/90 mins./USA)  Q&A with Les Blank. No recording devices permitted.


12.00 noon

Defining Beauty: Ms.Wheelchair America/2011/79mins/USA/directed by Alexis Ostrander

12:oo noon

 A rarely seen documentary by Les Blank – on a major rock star of the 70s, described by the Washington Post “The best film ever made on rock.” (1974/90 mins./USA)  Q&A with Les Blank. No recording devices permitted. In the big theater at the US Navy Heritage Center.

12.30pm – 2:00pm

Masterclass with Documentary Filmmaker Extraordinaire, Les Blank
A chance to receive some pearls of wisdom and  share a conversation about documentary techniques, documenting culture, filmmaking musical events, cameras and stylistic changes in documentary film. Les has not only directed over 35 films, but has also filmed noted documentary filmmakers Richard Leacock and Werner Herzog.


Shorts 1: Bench Seat  2011/19mins/USA/directed by Anna Mastro;  Easy Street 2011/USA/24mins/directed by Russell GreeneNormal People (Ludzie Normalni) 2011/Poland/23mins/directed by Piotr ZlotorowiczShalom 2011/31mins /Israel/Directed by Lee Gilat


The Cutting Edge: Experimental and Animation: (Baby) It’s You! 3mins/USA/David Cowles, Jeremy Galante, Brad Pattullo;  Drained 12mins/USA/directed by Nick Peterson;  Kerplunk  9mins/Canada/directed by WeSee Inc., (used as the collective name for director)Death is in the Field  2011/11mins/Switzerland  /directed by Patrick Chapette; Live Outside the Box 4.20mins/USA directed by  Shu-Hsuan Lin; Places Other People Have Lived 7mins/ USA/directed by Laura YilmazStill Life 2mins/UK/directed by Lloyd Handley; Tempest in A Bedroom  11mins/ France & USA/ directed by Laurence Arcadias, Juliette Marchand;  So Whaddya Think? 2010/2mins.USA/directed by Sean and Debi Bradshaw; This is Not Real 7mins/UK/directed by Gergely Wootsch; The Game  2011/5mins/Poland/ directed by Marcin Janiec; Wiggle Room 8mins/USA/directed by Joe Schenkenberg

5.00- 7.30pm    

Documentaries/ the Impulse to Create and Connect: Hidden Books – The art of Kumi Korf 2011/29mins/USA/directed by Sam Hampton; Machine Man (Hombre Máquina) Spain/15mins/directed by Alfonso Moral and Roser Corella. Films are screened in our seminar and workshop room; On Your Mark, Get Set, Mow! 2012 / 60 mins / USA /directed by Mike Ratel

       Join us for Happy Hour 6-7.30pm/ Music by  The PicUp Kids


Ultrasonic 2012/93mins/USA/directed by Rohit Colin Rao/world premiere
with Come to Harm 2011/18mins/Iceland/directed by Borkur Sigthorsson


   Blood Red and Zombie White Wine Tasting (Sponsored by the Australian Embassy and Shoefly Wines) Reanimate yourself with a “Fright Flight” – 3 glasses for $15. Individual glasses and alternative beverages available. Enjoy authentic Australian meat pies and sausage rolls with your purchase, compliments of The Australian Bakery & Pure Pasty. Music by Nu-Era


The Caretaker  2012/93mins/Australia/directed by Tom Conyers/world premiere with The Small Assassin 2011/16mins/USA/directed by Chris Charles. Evening’s program hosted by Hollywood horror veteran Jorge Saralegui. Meet Caretaker director Tom Conyers and producer Mark White, best known for his choreography in “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”.


11.00-12.30 pm     

Patriot Guard Rider 2011/70mins/USA/directed by Ellen Frick

11:30am- 1:00pm

Docs In Progress from Kosovo: Screenings and discussions of documentary films from Kosovo confronting the legacy of the past. FREE.


Shorts 2: 108.1 FM Radio 2011/Italy/15mins/ directed by Giuseppe Capasso; Adrift (Deriva) 2010/18mins/ Spain/directed by Angel TiradoUnmanned 2011/USA/22mins/directed by Casey Cooper Johnson Baobab 2011/10.30mins/Sudan/directed by Amin Albahari; Error 0036  2011/Spain/12mins/directed by Raul FernandezWorkers Leaving the Factory (Arbeiter verlassen die Fabrik) 2011/ 10mins/Germany/directed by Anna Linke


Sixty in 60 60mins/USA/directed by Ronnie Cramer


Pearls of The Far East  2011/103mins/Vietnam and Canada/directed by Cuong Ngo screened with Two Brothers 2011/9 mins/South Korea/directed by Lim Boyoung


Who Bombed Judi Bari? 2012/94mins/USA/By Mary Liz Thomson and Darryl Cherney with Baffle Their Minds with Bullsh*t, Kerry Leigh   2011/11mins/ USA/directed by Isabelle Carbonell

7.15- 8.15    

      Closing Night Reception (totally reasonable cash bar)/   Music by Janice B


Awards Ceremony: Jorge Saralegui brings us Hollywood for Independent Filmmakers: A Primer.  Join us for a lively discussion and stories from fabled Hollywood-land. Free/First Come, First Served