Death is in the Field (La mort est dans le champ)

2011 /11 mins / Switzerland / directed by Patrick Chapette

Saturday, March 3

4.30 pm
US Navy Heritage Center
$10 in advance HERE or at the door

Screens in the The Cutting Edge: Experimental and Animation Program

The cartoonist Patrick Chappatte went to South Lebanon in February 2009. There, he became aware of the impact of war on everyday life and decided to describe it in a cartoon report published in the daily newspaper ‘Le temps’.  A direct and simple story on the daily lives of people coexisting with bombs which failed to explode months after the war has ended. Patrick Chappatte is now trying to adapt it for the cinema.

Patrick Chappatte is a Lebanese-Swiss cartoonist who draws for Le Temps, Neue Zurcher Zeitung and the International Herald Tribune. He is a prototypical global citizen, from a Lebanese mother and a Swiss father, born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1967, but raised in Singapore and Switzerland, he also worked as an illustrator for the New York Times and as cartoonist for Newsweek. Many of his cartoons reflect events in Swiss and international news, such as the 9/11 attacks, the rise of the Swiss People’s Party, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Over the past 15 years, Patrick has worked in parallel on illustrated journalism, a genre of reporting using the techniques of graphic novels. His latest reports include the war in Gaza, in (2009), South Ossetia after the Russia-Georgia conflict (2010), the slums of Nairobi.