Easy Street

2011/USA/24mins/directed by Russell Green/cast: Andrew Blair and Henry Packer

Saturday, March 3

2 PM  

Shorts 1 Program

A young, Southern lawyer goes to New York for a job interview with the country’s most eccentric and intimidating Federal Judge. After experiencing the weirdest encounter of his life, he is given an ultimatum that pits his morality against his ambition. Both comically absurd and socially relevant, the film asks: How far would you go to land your dream job?

Director’s Statement: Despite the common wisdom and warnings from friends and advisers that a film should plant itself firmly in the category of comedy or drama, we decided to dance back-and-forth between the two and make no excuses for doing so. We decided to mix this comical, very personal story with subtle reflections on America, racism, justice and the human tendency to abandon morality in the face of ambition.

“Easy Street” is the writing and directorial debut of Russell Greene. Since graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1997, he has made his living as a film editor, working on projects of all genre, style and scope. Russell is based in New York where he is best known as partner to revered film editor Angelo Corrao and as one of the principal creatives behind the acclaimed series “Made HERE” about New York City artists, recently picked-up for a 3rd and 4th season. Russell lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Heather, and two children, Carter and Harper Lee. He is currently in pre-production on a feature film.