9 mins / Canada / directed by WeeSee Inc

Saturday, March 3

4.30 pm
US Navy Heritage Center
$10 in advance HERE or at the door

Screens in the The Cutting Edge: Experimental and Animation Program


Kerplunk is a baroque extravaganza of pop culture: cult of celebrity; music; and shopping. In a distant galaxy, alone on a beach, Katinka, a redheaded being in an eyeball festooned dress performs a pop song of vicarious obsession with consumerism. She sings and dances into a state of vertigo. Thus entranced, Katinka watches as shoppers saunter through a mall, oblivious to the flood waters that have engulfed them.

Katinka is Kate Vasyliw’s performance and video persona, appearing first in WeSee Inc.’s multi-media installation piece Incendiary (2008).

WeSee Inc. is the collective moniker under which Roy Kohn and Kate Vasyliw generate collaborative art projects.  Kerplunk is their first video collaboration.  Kohn and Vasyliw are multidisciplinary visual artists that have been producing collaborative art projects as WeSee Inc. since 2007.  They are co-founders and co-curators of Roadside Attractions, a site-specific art project space.  They are based in a storefront studio in Toronto, Canada