The Big Bad

2011 / 78 mins / USA / directed by Bryan Enk

Friday, March 2

9.30 pm
US Navy Heritage Center
$10 in advance HERE or at the door

Screens with Zombie Bohemia   2012 / USA / 12 mins directed by Vincent Brando and Beneath 2011 / 16 mins / USA / directed by Christopher Fernandez

A devilish horror movie for late at night, The Big Bad  follows the revenge-driven Frankie Ducane as she stumbles along on her desperate search for a man called Fenton Bailey. We meet our sad loner as she enters a bar in a nowhere town, looking for this man no one seems to know. Dejected and exhausted, Frankie all but gives up… until she catches the sight of an ineptly bandaged neck wound on an ill-tempered local, which lets her know she’s finally in the right place…….

THE BIG BAD blends the bizarre mystery of David Lynch and creeping horror of John Carpenter with the vengeance of KILL BILL and madness of THE EVIL DEAD!

BRYAN ENK (Director, Co-Producer) is the former artistic director of the now-defunct Third Lows Productions, an independent film and theatre production company founded in 1992 that closed its doors in 2009. Third Lows’ swan song and crowning achievement was PENNY DREADFUL, a 12-part supernatural theatrical serial co-created by Bryan Enk and Matt Grat that performed at the Brick Theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Bryan is also the creator and curator of THE SINISTER SIX, an annual horror anthology film series. Bryan’s films as director include MACBETH, JOHN’S ISLAND, THE CURIOUS CASE OF R.M. RENFIELD and MIDNIGHT DAYS.

JESSI GOTTA (Writer, Co-Producer, Actress) is no stranger to the world of horror, having appeared in three installments of Nosedive Productions’ annual Grand Guignol NYC stage anthology, THE BLOOD BROTHERS PRESENT, including 2008’s “The Master of Horror,” which featured stage adaptations of Stephen King short stories. Over the past few years, she has also collaborated with Piper McKenzie Productions on their BIZARRE SCIENCE FANTASY performance series, which mixes movement, dance and stage combat. Her film credits include ABSCOND VALLEY, REVENGE OF THE PROM, and WATCHING.  THE BIG BAD is her first screenplay and probably not her last.