Two Brothers

2011 / 9.2 mins / South Korea / directed by Lim Boyoung

Sunday, March 4

2:30 pM
US Navy Heritage Center
$10 in advance HERE or at the door

Screens with Pearls of the Far East 2011/103mins/VietNam and Canada/directed by Cuong Ngo

Two  brothers have been living on their own terms  in a fast developing city suburb. Today is the memorial service at the old house they live in.  Strange things happen. Maybe it’s because the brothers’ ancestors (also servants) are taking  their revenge.

Director Lim Boyoung studied architecture at Yonsei University and then at the School of Film, TV and multimedia at the  Korea National University of Arts. This is the director’s third film following Another Face (2007) and So Weird Today (20090

 Cast : Byung-sik Ahn (big brother), Hong-geun Kim (little brother), Myo-gyun Choi (gusest), Dae-sung Moon (real estate appraiser)

Crew : Sung-won Hong (Producer), Gyu-sik Min (Director of photography and Light), Byung-jin Jung (Editor), Keun-ah Kim (Art director), Jong-Chae Son (Sound director)