Genre Bending in B&W: The David Whiting Story

Saturday, February 28th

ticket6:45 PM
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The david whiting story

USA / 2014 / 90mins
Directed by Walter Reuben
East Coast Premiere 

Lead Cast: C. Jerry Kutner, Ashley Moray, Gina Lalli and Zachary J. Luna

Douglas Edwards Independent/Experimental Film/Video Award 2014, Los Angeles Film Critics Association

A surreal black comedy which combines actual documentary interviews; staged scenes in which actors portray Ayn Rand, Mike Wallace, Cesar Romero, Lee J.Cobb. and other historical figures; telephone interviews; and Google searches, all in an effort to solve two lifelong mysteries: who was David Whiting (who died mysteriously in an Arizona motel room during a Hollywood film shoot) and what was the cause of his death? And what was the mythic ‘Cesar Romero joke’ which all of the filmmaker’s classmates still remember as utterly hilarious, but nobody can recall what the joke actually was? A dream-like movie about memory

Walter Reuben is one of the world’s prominent dealers in vintage movie posters of all periods and from all countries. He lived in Austin, Texas, from 1971 to 1988, and directed his early experimental shorts there, which included HOW OTHERS REMEMBER US (1986) and FROM BAD TO WORSE (1986). He wrote the screenplay for the festival-award winning film 3 STORIES ABOUT EVIL (2008). He produced and co-wrote the short THE HARVEY GIRL FROM SHANGHAI (2010). THE DAVID WHITING STORY is his first feature film

Screens with the accompanying documentary shorts:


Directed by Ryan Mckenna

In the 1980s, the popular Action Line talk show was a colourful record of Winnipeg caller reactions to hot-button issues of the day. Using archival audio as a formal foundation (with host Peter Warren’s voice removed), McKenna carefully composes monochromatic portraits of Winnipeggers as stark silent listeners, while voices from the past illuminate how much and little has changed in Canada’s gateway to the West.


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A soulful music video.

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