Omo Child: The River and the Bush

Wednesday, February 25th

ticket8:00 PM (wine and cheese reception from 7:00PM)

omo child: the river and the bush

USA and Ethiopia / 2015 / 89mins
Directed by John Rowe
World Premiere / Post-screening Q&A with Director, Crew and Star 

Lale Labuko’s astonishing mission to change the ancient practice of killing “mingi” children believed to bring disease, drought and death to his tribe in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia.

According to elders of the Kara people, since before the grandfather of their grandfather’s grandfather, pastoralist people have lived in the Omo Valley of Southwest Ethiopia. The very existence of these people depends upon livestock, farming and rain. Protecting these most cherished elements of life sometimes involves harmful customs and beliefs. The film traces the story of the Kara and their belief that some children are born cursed or become cursed. Cursed children are called mingi and are killed. The Kara people believe mingi children bring disease, drought and death to their families and to the community. To prevent these tragedies, the Kara elders enforce the death of mingi children. One young educated Kara man, Lale Labuko, decided he would challenge this ancient tradition. This is his story.

Screens with the accompanying short:

we got your back

Directed by Viktor Hertz


There’s so much to feel guilty about nowadays.

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