Announcing the Finalists for the 9th annual DCIFF High School Competition (Feb 26/ 2022 in Washington DC)

Behind The Bathroom Door directed by Elizaveta (Lisa) Krestianinova (USA / 2021 / 4.59mins.)  The raw point of view of a bathroom stall. Seven girls and one transgender guy are all interconnected.

Hunter directed by Michelle Tang (USA / 2021 /11.13mins.) A lonely boy wants to save his mom from his abusive father, but is powerless until…

I have a Dream, A Movie Dream directed by ShiJie Weng (Spain / 2021 / 7.28mins.) We all have a dream but not always the possibility of making it true. Even so, we must have the courage and maturity to try to achieve it.

One Last Entry directed by Rex Svensson  (Sweden /2021 / 5.47mins.)The last man on earth, Henry sees no point in living anymore until he hears gunshots. 

Pho directed by Ethan Chu (USA / 2021 / 12mins)A man must come to terms with and repair the melancholic truth that he has detached from his Vietnamese grandmother.

Secret Society directed by Ethan Norman (USA / 2021 / 14.36mins.)  A teenager who loses his sister to a seemingly perfect society. He embarks on a journey to find her and prove the world wrong.

Taste of Adrenaline director Isharee Williams (USA / 2021 / 4.21mins.)  At the therapy session, Marc and Willow are more addicted to the thrill of crime than they thought.

The Barn & The Birdhouse directed by Casey Lockledge, Jack Malin &  Murray Susen (USA / 2021 / 5mins.) Even new relationships can be complicated.

The Cleansing Spirit directed by Cole Konstance, Otto Tyler, Drew Cook, and Ani Eagan (USA /2022/ 3mins.)A night shift custodian experiences supernatural phenomena.

The Lonely Woods directed by Alex Coleman (Canada / 2021 / 7.10mins./animation)   One day when he is resting, a dog encounters a mysterious glowing orb that leads him on a journey into his past.

The Summer Field directed by Jiayang Liu (USA / 2021 / 5.50mins.)  After being drafted to a pro track team, a midwestern young teen needs to decide between his future career and his dementia-ridden grandfather. 

Til Death Do Us Part directed by Elijah Sylvester-Johnson, Reese Robers, James Lee, Kent Turner, and Reagan Davis (USA / 2022 / 2.9mins. ) A couple’s wedding day and a vision of their future as an homage to 16mm film.

Announcing DCIFF 2022 Finalists: Animation and Narrative Short formats


A Poem by Alba  directed by You Lee (USA / 2020 / 5.38 mins.) An elderly woman living alone in her apartment deals with loneliness and her eventual end.

Being A Dog directed by Felix Swahn (Sweden / 2021 / 8.03 mins.) Every time Tim feels different, he transforms into a French bulldog.

Cokelicops (France / 2021 /4.36mins.) directed by Orianne Leparmentier, Loïc Guillou, Lambert Dothée, Felix Sikora, Elie Boudalier. During a closed-door meeting, three narcos discover a listening device.

Dice and Dragons  (France / 2021 / 5:24 mins.) directed by François Bartoli, Alan Bauge, Alexis Crawford, Elodie Deporte, Hugo Dewanckle, Lorine Guyard, Gaëtan Luzy,Amaël Moufrih, Léa Renaudier. A ragtag group of adventurers is on a quest to find a legendary sword to kill the dragon that threatening their kingdom.

I Will Always Love You  ( USA / 2021 /3.27 mins.) directed by Lydia Ricci The story of how love changes for worse or for better.

Oyasumi~Lullaby of Flame directed by Arisa Wakami (Japan / 2021 / 6.46mins.)  The ancient gods of the earth gather to celebrate the new beginning of a new world. 

One Last Wish directed by Galia Osmo (Israel / 2021 / 10mins.)A fisherman has a magical goldfish, who grants him three wishes. 

Pony Henge directed by Gina Kamentsky (USA / 2021 /5.15 mins.)  A magical place where rocking ponies are left to rust.

Saint Android directed by Lukas von Berg. (Germany / 2021 / 6.10mins.) Norman calls for guidance as his wife is dying, but does not get what he asked for.

Squib: When All of This is Over  directed by Baz Sells ( UK / 2021 / 2.20 mins.)  Anthony Anaxagorou’s poem Squib:  a claustrophobic journey through lockdown and a hopeful look towards the future.

Rosebud – The Rest Of Us  directed by Fabio Itapura (Brazil / 2021 / 2mins.)  A garbage bag desperately flees from being hunted by humans. 

To the Last Drop directed by Simon Schnellmann (Germany / 2021 / 5.46 mins.)To the rhythm of the dripping chemo, an IV pole fights for the life of a cancer patient.

Welcome to Gardenland directed by Aaron Pérez Pardiñas (Spain / 2021 / 7mins.)  In a world where plants have taken the place of humans, the Jeffersons are about to have a crazy day.


Break Any Spell directed by Anton Jøsef ( Canada/ 2021 / 13 mins.) A teenage girl uses Live-Action-Role-Playing to cope and escape from her mother who suffers from early-onset Alzheimer’s.

For Good directed by Lukas Dong (USA / 2021 /15.58 mins.) A young couple’s efforts to conceive are tested when Jennifer realizes her husband Andrew is obsessed with an alligator he saw in the Venice Canals.

Diner Therapy: Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures directed by Laura Daniel (USA / 2012 / 6.17mins.)
In the midst of the Covid Crisis, displaced New York Therapist Dolly Rey is forced to hold all of her therapy sessions outside. (Web Series)

As de Trèfle directed by Henri Kebabdjian (France / 2021 / 9.34mins.)
Nathan is joined by his daughter Camille by the racetracks. When Nathan discovers that Camille is admitted to a school far away, the race takes a whole other turn.

Thank You directed by Mike Kravinsky (USA / 2021 / 5.30mins.)
What if you learned you would be famous in the future?

Adjustment of Status ( USA / 2020 / 11 mins.) directed by Josh Deal, An immigration officer has a surprise revelation during a not-so-routine Green Card interview.

True Crime directed by Kai Brown (USA / 2021 / 15 mins.) A wannabe fitness influencer and true-crime junkie finally orders the home security system that sponsors her favorite podcast.

Welcome To Forever directed by John Gray (USA / 2021 / 9.22mins) The brilliant designer of smart houses leaves a posthumous surprise for his widow.

All that Glitters directed by Dan Bronzite (UK / 2021 / 20mis.) A desperate teenager snatches a rich woman’s handbag but in a bizarre twist of fate discovers her life is not as rosy as it seems and that they have more in common than he realizes.

Shadows of the Dust directed by Ali Matlock (USA / 2021 / 13.43mins.) A couple’s weekend getaway to view a once in a lifetime celestial event devolves into a series of inexplicable occurrences.

The Wound directed by Sahar Nourmonavar (Iran / 2021 / 12mins.) A 9-year-old girl loses her family after the earthquake and thinks she has been wounded.

Normalized directed by Ziad Fozy ( USA / 2021 / 23mins.) An intimate look at the complexities of manhood, childhood trauma, and how mental instability can lead to detrimental decisions