Sally Pacholok

Saturday, February 28th (SOLD OUT)/ Second Screening added Sunday March 1st, 11am.

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Sally pacholok

Directed and written by Elissa Leonard
Written by Elissa Leonard and Patrick Prentice
World Premiere 

Lead cast: Annet Mehrendru, Andrew Ballard

When nurse Sally Pacholok learns that her recent bouts of dizziness and fatigue are the result of a B-12 deficiency, she tries unsuccessfully to educate doctors at her hospital about this debilitating, often fatal condition, which mimics multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, dementia, and a host of better-known diseases. As she watches misdiagnosed patients wasting away and dying, she decides to write a book…and the drama unfolds.

Director’s Statement: I bought Sally Pacholok’s life story rights in 2012. My writing partner Patrick Prentice and I interviewed Sally numerous times to come up with an Erin Brockovitchtype narrative screenplay. We worked out a story that covers two decades leading up to Sally starting her B12 Awareness website and writing her book. Sally makes the transition from smitten schoolgirl to world expert and woman at the top of her field.

Actress Annet Mahendru is half Russian and half Indian. Real Sally Pacholok is Ukranian- American and thrilled to be portrayed by Annet. In the film, Sally meets the sympathetic doctor-of-her-dreams, Jeff Stuart, played by Virginia actor Andrew Ballard. In real life Jeff is her husband and co-author of her book, Could It Be B12?, a runaway hit that has saved countless lives.

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