Somewhat Edgy Mix

Friday, February 27th at 8pm
& Saturday 28th at 8pm

ticket_small8-10:30 pm
US Navy Heritage Center /Screens in ADMIRAL’s room
$8 in advance HERE or at the door


THE Chain

Directed by Noël Dow Barlow

Brian Gold’s docile demeanor unravels into a blood-thirsty vengeance after a neighborhood dog attacks his young daughter while she’s sledding. Filmmaker in Attendance.

PurgatoryLounge_Still1Purgatory lounge

Directed by Aaron Martinez


A dead man in Purgatory is challenged to a drinking contest.

di_mastering_006_2_1_Jun 11, 2014, 12.08.07 AMthicker than water

Directed by Seung Yeob Lee
(South Korea/2014/ 13:45mins)

Sungyong’s mom has a vampire son and she tries to get him fresh blood everyday. One day, there’s no blood left at home


Directed by Miguel Angelo Pate

A girl fights for her and her infant brother’s survival in a brutal post-apocalyptic world.

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