On The Hill 2015

2015 On the Hill Summit

Wednesday, February 25th, 10am-1PM

Admission is Free



Lights! Drone! Action!

The coming rulings on private and business FAA regulation of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles AKA Drones) can empower or handicap Independent Film Production.  If an exemption is allowed in the upcoming regulation, will it include clearance for the small, creative independent film and media productions?  The future success of Independent Film production will depend upon fair access to the latest powerful technology AND appropriate access to the legal framework that supports the best creative work possible.

In 2012, Hollywood and the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) filed a petition for a waiver from the existing “no fly, no way” general rule.  While some law enforcement and weather drone activities enjoy waivers at this time, smaller models that a filmmaker might use are not permitted.

The waiver issue and other concerns such as liability, privacy, safety, and even new piracy, all need discussion.  DCIFF will start this conversation during the 2015 DC Independent Film Festival’s annual “Summit on the Hill” at the US Capital.

To follow our planning and research and/or take part in this important Congressional Briefing, please get in touch with Russ Imrie, DCIFF’s OnTheHill coordinator: onthehilldciff@gmail.com