Waverly Giants

Recently described by the Baltimore City Paper as “presumably named after the local grocery store,” The Waverly Giant offer an earworm-inducing proprietary blend of garage rock and post-punk hooks with articulate, thoughtful songwriting. Since emerging last year, Phoenix-like, out of the ashes of two previous bands, Diefenbaker and Northern Spy, TWG have earned comparisons to such luminaries as Wire, The Fall, The Pretenders, and Blondie. Their self-produced EP, “Strange Nimbus,” is available via Bandcamp and CDBaby.

Amijamij_premiere image2

Amij has gained national recognition performing and touring with several major label artists as a drummer and background vocalist known for her unique style and complex grooves. The Alt/Rock Soul singer and Wisconsin native is now creating shock waves center stage.  With her glam/goth rock sartorial style and genuine, emphatic delivery, Amíj moves hearts and captures the minds of her audience. In 2011, the power-house-singer/songwriter released her debut album Peace in Chaos and scored an award for her single Reach for You. Last year, she took her fans on an electrifying ride with her new official music video. Her CD is an earnest collection of original songs fusing dark rock, pop, and RnB– which is why it appeals to a wide range of fans. Amíj’s unique musical focus is to transcend current distinctions in music, creating a sound she calls ‘Fusive Soul.’ Amíj explains, “My music illustrates a journey of awareness, acceptance, and transformation. Peace in Chaos represents the calm within the storm.”

DJ Fusion FuseBox Radio BroadcastDJ Fusion

DJ Fusion (real name: Mary Nichols) is originally from the Prince Georges County, MD, now going back and forth between New Jersey and the DC Metro Area (MD/DC/VA). Since 1998, she’s been doing her own syndicated radio show, The FuseBox Radio Broadcast, bringing the best of Black Music from all over the world along with news and commentary.


SweetBreadJimsSweetbread Jim’s

Linsay Deming was writing songs that needed a band. SweetBread Jim needed a way into the booking business so he could stop working at his dad’s used car lot in Wheaton, MD. Linsay found the two Jo(h)ns. John Lanou and Jon Lewis. Lanou was to play bass. Lewis was to play drums.  Linsay had her band and advertised on Craigslist. SweetBread Jim found a way into the booking business and bought the band for $20. SweetBread Jim had Linsay, Lanou, and Lewis set a regular rehearsal schedule. They caught on quickly in the snowy square states.

They started playing shows. At the shows the band started selling quality used goods in the “SweetBread Jim’s Junque Shoppe” to make some extra cash! So the story goes.


Born in Walker Mill, P.G. County Maryland, April 16th 1991, Inspired by the Notorious B.I.G. at the age of 8 years old, he began writing. Never taking rapping serious only for fun and self-expression. He wrote his first rhyme in the third grade for a group that the class put together.Only having one song, the group perfomed the song in front of the class Involved in many sports as a youth, Nehemya became very competitive and agressive on the field. Born to the streets of Walker Mill and the combination of older influences gave him wisdom and unique sense of conciousness. Loosing friends, and older silblings throughout life, Nehemya would then begin taking music seriously. In attempt to expand peoples knowledge and mindstate. Also to introduce his own feel for the game. Nehemya is also known for F.O.E. Photography a self made business established in 2007, in which he was sold a oppurtunity that was falsely given to him by a producer. Loosing interest, Nehemya realize that he always had a passion to entertain and illustrate his art. Lyrically, Vocally,spreading messages that would move people.

Janice B. and QueenEarth

JaniceB_QueenEarth“Eclectic soul is what Janice B. embodies in her music,” asserts Mo-Rece, Janice B.’s producer. “There is feeling and depth of emotion at the core of all of her songs. Whether it’s neosoul, R & B, jazz, or blues or country, it is soulful. And she is a tremendous talent lyrically. It’s Evanescence meets Sarah McLaughlin meets Sade.” Janice B. adds, “That is what is most important to me – writing songs. I hate lyrics that mean nothing.”

Janice B. was the first singer signed to Stinkiface Music, and she created a beautifully expressive, uniquely musical and lyrical, emotion-filled EP project entitled “Watch Me Fly”, released in September 2009. The project was well received, and Janice B. moved forward to record a full length CD project (thanks in part to a successful Kickstarter campaign), the 17-track “My Life”. “My Life” not only showcases Janice’s singing and songwriting talents, it also allowed Janice to work with other talented artists in the DMV like Sahffi, Ama Chandra, QueenEarth and Native Son of The 5th L. She has also begun working with international producers like N’Dinga Gaba.  Janice B. sums it up this way — “There’s always gonna be a little of my soul in everything I create. ‘Music with soul’ is my mantra.”

Born in Washington, D.C. and growing up in Forest Heights, Maryland, Janice B. has been singing and writing since she was a small child. “Words have always JaniceBintrigued me. Their meaning, how they work and flow together, how you can sometimes say a whole lot with just a few of them,” she explains. Janice began her professional music career with the band Intuition. After a fairly successful five year run, playing venues around the Maryland/D.C. area like The Columbia Arts Festival and The Hard Rock Café at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Intuition disbanded and Janice continued as a solo performer. A chance meeting with MoRece on MySpace and an opportunity to work with him as a sound engineer on a project led them to discover their unusually strong creative chemistry. “Stinkiface embraces diversity in music and this was one of the main things that convinced me that working with Mo was the right path to take,” Janice says. Soon Janice found herself in a recording studio collaborating with her new producer, creating “eclectic soul” with songs like “Storm”, “A Part of You”, “Shining Down”, and “Watch Me Fly”. Janice has also begun to perform as a solo performer at various venues in the Baltimore metropolitan area like The Eubie Blake Cultural Center. She is a member of the Baltimore Songwriters Association, the Songwriters Association of Washington D.C., and The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (producers of The Grammys).  You can find out more about Janice B. by visiting her website