2014 Film Festival Schedule

VENUES: All events at the US Navy Heritage Center (Archives Metro Station, Yellow & Green Lines) unless indicated. Our second venue for Friday evening and full day Saturday is the Goethe Institut which is within easy walking distance of the US Navy Heritage Center. The high school student film competition is held at The Gala Hispanic Theater (Columbia Heights Metro Station, Green Line).

TICKETS: Ticketing at brownpapertickets.com or at the door – follow the ticket link below for each program. Most screenings are $12, opening and closing night screenings with receptions are $18. Seminars are $16 and masterclasses are $25. The “Summit On the Hill” is free.

**Download a PDF of the full schedule HERE**

Wednesday, February 19th

Opening Night: Naval Memorial Heritage Center

Partners for Peacedirected by Ed Kucerak (Canada/2013/101mins/US Premiere)Director attending. Followed by a panel discussion with the director, Nobel Laureate Jody Williams (Nobel Women’s Initiative) and Jaclyn Friedman (WAM!). $10

Toastmaster directed by Eric Boadella (Spain & USA/2013/81mins/East Coast Premiere). Filmmaker and cast attending. Screens with Girl Meets Boys, directed by Shiyu Luo (China/2013/2:31mins); The Well, directed by Christian Baker (USA/2013/12mins).

10:00-11:15pm Post-Screening Toasting Party

Thursday February 20th

Capitol_Dome10:00-1:00pm On the Hill Summit: Legislating Crowdfunding and the Impacts on Independent Film Production. Hosted by the Congressional Entertainment Caucus. U.S. Congress, Rayburn Building, Gold Room. FREE

note66:00-7:00pm Happy Hour with Music, US Naval Heritage Center.

Despite the Gods directed by Penny Vozniak (USA/2012/85mins/East Coast Premiere/not in competition); Handle With Care directed by Jun Iwakawa (UK/2013/4:30mins); Followed by a conversation with director Jennifer Lynch (Boxing Helena, Surveillance, Chained). Wine and Cheese. US Naval Heritage Center. $20

Sons of the City directed by Marcus Richardson (USA/2014/77mins/World Premiere). Filmmaker and cast attending; Red directed by Channing Godfrey Peoples (USA/2013/21mins)US Naval Heritage Center.

Friday February 21st

note66:30-7:15pm Happy Hour Naval Memorial Heritage Center.

Furever directed by Amy Finkel (USA/2013/80mins); The Missing Scarf directed by Eoin Duffy (Ireland/2013/6:35mins). Goethe Institute.

ticket_small7:15- 9:30pm
3 Mile Limit directed by Craig Newland (New Zealand/2013/105mins/DC Premiere). Cast attending. U.S. Naval Heritage Center.

ticket_small7:30-9:00pm – Docs and Shorts at Night
Searching for Perfection directed by Sergey Gavrilov (Russian Federation/2013/18mins)Wheelchair Diaries One Step Up  (USA/2013/27mins); Leaving Sharpe directed by the 2013 GW Documentary Institute. (USA/2013/12mins).  U.S. Naval Heritage Center President’s Room. $7

Paat directed by Amir Toodehroosta (Iran/2013/77mins/US Premiere). Filmmaker attending; Ne Te Retourne Pas directed by Sophia Liu (China & France/2013/26mins). Goethe Institute.

ticket_small9:00-10:30pm – Docs and Shorts at Night (second screening)
Searching for Perfection directed by Sergey Gavrilov (Russian Federation/2013/18mins)Wheelchair Diaries One Step Up  (USA/2013/27mins)Leaving Sharpe directed by the 2013 GW Documentary Institute. (USA/2013/12mins). U.S. Naval Heritage Center President’s Room. $7

They Will Outlive Us All directed by Patrick Shearer (USA/2013/77mins/DC Premiere); Killer directed by Kristen Holodak (USA/2013/2mins); Fest der Liebe directed by Anna Kirst (Austria/2013/6mins); Plumas directed by Quilke Frances (Spain/2013/7mins). U.S. Naval Heritage Center.

Saturday February 22nd

ticket_small11:45am-2:15pm Short Films For Mental Stretching
directed by Sasha Sibley (USA/2013/6min)Computer Potato directed by Todd Kipp (Canada/2013/12mins); Thicker Than Water directed by Zach Lorkiewicz (USA/2013/10mins)NobblyCarrot7 directed by Josh Allott (UK/2013/21mins); AM800 directed by James Roe (USA/2013/18mins)Zinneke directed by Rémi Allier (Belgium/2013/19mins); The Radio Gamers directed by Gretchen Olivero (USA/2013/13mins); U.S. Naval Heritage Center.

ticket_small2:15-4.30pm – Astounding Animation
Creation & Hope
directed by Keith Carter and Gia Kereselidze (USA/2013/10mins); Dogonauts: Enemy Line directed by Shel Rasch (USA/2013/17mins); Elysian Fields directed by Ina Conradi (Singapore/2013/10:50mins); Fallt directed by Chadwick Whitehead (USA/2013/2:06min); Light Me Up directed by Derek Dolechek and Ryan Walton (USA/2012/9mins); Salmon Deadly Sins directed by Steven Vander Meer (USA/2013/7mins); Sidewalk directed by Celia Bullwinkel (USA/2013/4:15mins); Fibonacci Bread directed by Danijel Zezelj (Croatia/2012/7:40mins); A Life with Asperger’s directed by Jamie Ekkens (USA/2013/4mins); Sausage directed by Robert Grieves (UK/2013/8mins); Si Lunchai directed by Hannes Rall (Singapore/2013/8:36mins); The Rose of Turaida directed by Ryan Grobins (Australia/2013/6:13mins); Virtuos Virtuell directed by Thomas Stellmach and Maja Oschmann  (Germany/2013/7:20mins). U.S Naval Heritage Center.

ticket_small3:00-6:00pm – Juried High School Student Competition
$5 at the door only, no advance ticketing. The Gala Hispanic Theater.

ticket_small3:30-5:00pm Sonic Circuits presents “Expanded Experimental Cinema and Music at the DCIFF”
A live experimental cinema and sound event where filmmakers and sound  artists collaborate to create a new audiovisual experience. The event will present work by established experimental music and video artists: Margaret Rorison, a writer, curator, and filmmaker from Baltimore; Lynn/Barbiero/Rouzer, a three person group including filmmaker Chris Lynn and improv musicians Daniel Barbiero and Gary Rouzer; and Video Love, a one-of-a-kind duo combining French drummer and vocalist Elmapi’s playful pop-concrete compositions with the “vampling” (video sampling) work of Matterlink’s appropriated audio from forgotten B-movies. Goethe Institut.

Blood and Circumstance directed by Tim Gordon (USA/2014/97mins/World Premiere). Filmmaker and Cast attending. US Naval Heritage Center.

The Road to Fame directed by Hao Wu (China/2013/80mins); No Strangers directed by Steven Kochones (USA/2012/27mins); Pas directed by Charli Brissi and Courtney Harris (USA/2013/3mins). Goethe Institut.

note66:15-7:00pm Happy Hour and Music, US Naval Heritage Center.

Greencard Warriors Directed by Miriam Kruishoop (USA/2013/90 mins/East Coast Premiere); Screens with Perfect Day directed by Derrick L. Sanders (USA/2013/16mins). Naval Memorial Heritage Center.

Brothers Hypnotic directed by Reuben Atlas (Netherlands & USA/2013/86mins). Filmmaker attending.

ticket_small7:00-9:00pm –  Docs at Night – Memory & Music
Ace of Diamonds directed by Anna Overgaard (USA/2013/34mins)A Synaptic Adventure directed by Stephen Dijoseph (USA/2013/12mins). Followed by a Memory Competition/Demonstration and Music by Stephen Dijoseph. Naval Memorial Heritage Center Presidents Room. $7

note68:45 -9:30pm – Live Music, US Naval Heritage Center

Lawrence & Holloman directed by Matthew Kowalchuk (Canada/2013/88mins/US Premiere), filmmaker and cast attending; Psychedelic Breakfast directed by Vadim Viner (Russia/2013/6mins)Naval Memorial Heritage Center.

 Despite the Gods directed by Penny Vozniak (USA/2012/85mins/East Coast Premiere/not in competition) Goethe Institut. Conversation with Jennifer Lynch not included.

Sunday, February 23rd

Ofir directed by Mark McDannald (USA/2013/58mins); Guardian of Guano directed by Ana Elisa Sotelo (USA/2013/12mins); followed by a panel discussion. Filmmakers Attending. Naval Memorial Heritage Center.

ticket_small2:15-5:00pm  Shorts 2: Seeing Through Women’s Eyes
directed by Francesco Ricci Lotteringi (Italy/2013/30mins); Sweet, Sweet Country directed by Dehanza Rogers (USA/2013/19mins); Materica directed by Bruno Fritzsche (Germany/2013/20mins); Obscura directed by Laura Morell (USA/2013/11mins); Glacial Erratics directed by Samantha Buck (USA/2013/9mins); Ek directed by Saurabh Bharat (India/2013/29mins). Filmmakers attending. Naval Memorial Heritage Center.

Finding Neighbors directed by Ron Judkins (USA/2013/96mins/East Coast Premiere)This Is It directed by Alexander Engel (USA/2013/3mins). Filmmakers attending. Naval Memorial Heritage Center.

This Ain’t No Mouse Music! directed by Chris Simon and Maureen Gosling (USA/2013/92mins). Filmmakers attending. Naval Memorial Heritage Center.

note69:30 -11:00pm – Awards Party with Live Music by the Wild Anacostias