2015 High school Film Competition Finalists


High school film competition and reception
District Architecture Center
Admission $5 at the door

Behind the Shades (USA/2014/4:35mins) Directed by Jacob Vernick and Brendan Gosse

Below (UK/2014/8:26) Directed by  Alfie  Barker

Brother Drugs (USA/2014/8:52) Directed by Sam Dodd

The Columbia Steps (USA/2014/4:22mins) Directed by Jensen Davis

Conscription (USA/2014/ 3:07) Directed by Nick Ramey

Eco Man (USA/2014/4:57mins)  Directed by Jack Brook

It’s A Thing  (USA/2014/5mins) Directed by Meredith Morran, Sage McCommas and Ellis Kauffman.

Lemonade Standoff (USA/2014/6mins) Directed by Ryan Beard, Saunder Boyle, Sam Crowell and Karson Monger

Masquerade (Australia/2014/6:57) Directed by Benjamin Murphy

May (Mexico/2014/10mins) Directed by Diego Ivan Andrade Anguiano

S–Laughter (It’s French) (USA/2014/9mins) Directed by Mannuel Del Rio Oppel

The Core Within (USA/2014/5:32) directed by Lucas Wozniac

Three Wishes, One Choice (USA/2014/15:21mins) directed Christopher Scribner

Worst Case (USA/2014/3:56mins) Directed by Ashton Herrild

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