A Brilliant Genocide

Friday, March 11th

ticket5:15 PM
navy memorial burke theater


Directed by Ebony Butler
Australia / 2016 / 77mins / World Premiere

followed by a panel discussion

A BRILLIANT GENOCIDE examines the hidden history of the Ugandan regime of Yoweri Museveni. It lays bare the atrocities committed by Ugandan government soldiers against the Acholi people of Northern Uganda since 1986. The documentary is a counterpoint to Kony 2012, which brought worldwide awareness to the crimes committed by the Lord’s Resistance Army. The film demonstrates how the Museveni regime has used Kony as a straw man, enabling the Ugandan government to further establish its control over northern Uganda and garner international sympathy and support. A BRILLIANT GENOCIDE utilizes a substantial range of interviews from prominent Ugandan thinkers, opposition figures, activists, exiles and émigrés, presenting an unmatched and uniquely Ugandan interpretation of Uganda’s recent history, which is all too relevant to contemporary events considering the upcoming 2016 Ugandan elections.

Post-screening panel discussion presented in partnership with Double Exposure: The Investigative Film Festival and Symposium:

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Moderator: Stella Dawson, Managing Editor of 100Reporters, creators of Double Exposure: The Investigative Film Festival and Symposium
Milton Allimadi, Black Star News
Ebony Butler, Director/Producer
Dr. Suzanne Gazda, Hope for Humans
Jeffrey Smith, human rights expert

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