2016 Features


Directed by Justin Chambers

In present day Detroit, the influence of organized crime has diminished. One of the last crime syndicates begins to unravel when lies, mystery and betrayal devour the trust which holds them together.

BacktotheNorth_1BACK TO THE NORTH

Directed by Liu Hao

A young textile factory worker is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Concerned that her parents will become a ‘lost family’ after her death, she takes action.


Directed by Paul Sapiano

Dimitri delivers pizzas for a living, but is offered a job driving a Hollywood tour bus. Will he ever get to the interview? A serious comedy about the police hassle this young black man faces while driving.


Directed by Benjamin Meyer

Two strangers brush hands on a train and move in together days later, fabricating the history of their love as they go along.


Directed by David Burkman

A college freshman’s desire to join the best fraternity on campus is dampened when a pledge is killed in a brutal hazing incident.


Directed by Dippen Zinzuvadia

Kara moves to DC for grad school, meets and falls for a lobbyist named David. Except Kara’s a spy and David’s her target.

lepain_1LE PAIN

Directed by Meryl Murman

A danced performance: Once upon a time in New Orleans, Jordon and Greg are stuck in an old church along with a loaf of bread and some chairs.

Let'sRap_1LET’S RAP

Directed by Neil Huber

A hapless brother and sister with a gift for pop-culture infused banter embark on an ill-conceived quest to get their own talk show, encountering romance, sabotage and Jason Priestley along the way.


Directed by Michael Krummenacher

Sibylle, a pragmatic architect, mother and wife, witnesses a suicide of a woman her age while on vacation in Italy. Devastated by this incident, it causes the perception of her life and her family to change.



Directed by Derek Kimball

Affected by a classmate’s sudden disappearance, an orphan girl, raised in a church on a small island off the coast of Maine, falls into an obsessive mania on her way to discovering herself.


Directed by Timothy Busfield and Tommy Lohmann

The stupidest man decides to pick the most beautiful day to do the stupidest thing.




Directed by Xavier Agudo, Ryan Bajornas, Surya Balakrishnan, Nicola Barnaba, Petras Baronas, Juliane Block, Leroux Botha, Julia Caiuby, Gregory Cattell, Therese Cayaba, David Cerqueiro, Diane Cheklich, Violetta D’Agata, Felix Alexander Dausend, Hesam Dehghani Giovanni Esposito, Todd Felderstein, Ingrid Franchi, Yango Gonzalez, Vania Ivanova, Yosef Khouwes, George Korgianitis, Joycelyn Lee, Craig Lines, Athanasia Michopoulou, Daniel Montoya, Omer Moutasim, Marc Oberdorfer, Tiago P. de Carvalho, Aditya Pawar, Tony Pietra Adam Ruszkowski, Andrés Sandoval, Guillem Serrano, Marty Shea, Nitye Sood, Wilson Stiner, Amirah M. Tajdin, Dzenan Tarakcija, Adrian Tudor, Kresna D. Wicaksana, Rafael Yoshida, Bruno Zakarewicz, John Versical – A Collabfeature Production
(Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Kenya, Malaysia, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sudan, UAE, UK, USA

A man’s train is late. He should choose whether to wait or go back home. From this point on, every choice he makes leads to a completely different path.

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