Sunday, February 19th

ticket11:45 – 2:00pm


Directed by Peng Shigang
China / 2016 / 98mins / USA Premiere

In his 70, the second son of Liu borrowed Liu’s life saving money to pay the down payment in Metro Changchun to buy an apartment . The unsatisfaction started to brewing between Liu’s eldest son couple and Liu. At last Liu was turned out of the house by his son in winter.

After the family conference organized by the village head, neither his sons or his daughter wants to take him home. Final agreement: Liu has to make his living alone with his old bull, every one would distribute 1000 rmb each year as Liu’s living cost.

The village head helped Liu to settle down in a abbandanded house. However his sons and daughter refused to pay his living expense. Liu had to find his way to survive in the freezing winter. Liu was fired after his first half day job, because of his old age. He tried to his luck to buy the blackmarket lottery. The bad luck knocked him down again. The organizer of lottery was disappeared with all the money. Bearing his tears, Liu sold his old bull to butcher. However the money was robbed at the night.

He had no strength and courage to commite suicide. One night , after finishing his last dinner, Liu swallowed half bottle sleeping pills. His life has been saved by village head who came to inform him to move out , because the house had been sold. there has been another shelter at the other side of village.

On the day of Chinese new year, Liu put all his belongings on his sledge. One step by another he had to trudge to his new home. The snow was falling, it would cover everything…

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