One Penny

Thursday, February 16th

ticket8:00 – 10:00pm
The Miracle Theater

RECEPTION FROM 7:00 to 8:00pm

One Penny

Directed by Michael DeVita
Lead Cast: Harrison Samuels, Carson Grant, Ben Rezendes, Will Roland , Erin O’Brien
USA / 2017 / 90mins / World Premiere

One Penny is the story of Dylan, a young boy who is stripped of his privileged life and forced to live on the streets. He is taken in by a man known as “Professor” who lives in a homeless community called Shepherd’s Cove. Flash forward 10 years, Dylan now an ambitious teen struggles with the realities of being homeless. He devises a plan with his best friend Collin to help the community and get off the streets. They run into problems when Dylan crosses paths with a local thug named Tristan. As the story unfolds we learn that Dylan and Tristan have a past that will connect them forever.

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