2018 Documentary Features

Born in Deir Yassin

Directed by Neta Shoshani
(France, Israel / 2018 / 63mins / DC Premiere)

The Israeli narrative of Deir Yassin, the Arab village taken over in 1948, and turned into the government-owned psychiatric hospital in 1951. A  stain on Israel’s past, that no one likes to talk about that set in motion the Palestinian refugees.

Change in the Family

Directed by Sam Hampton
(USA / 2018 / 63mins / World Premiere)

When Zo transitions from female to male, his family must also change.


Generation Zapped

Directed by Sabine El Gemayel
(USA / 2018 / 74mins / DC Premiere)

An eye-opening documentary which reveals that wireless technology can pose serious health risks, from infertility to cancer.

screen-shot-2018-01-14-at-5-49-57-pm.pngSevan the Craftsman

Directed by Umran Safter
(Turkey / 2018 / 72mins / World Premiere)

The story of Sevan Bicakci, an Istanbul Armenian master artist who has drawn inspiration from all of Istanbul’s history, and civilizations to produce world-famous jewelry.

photo-2-thisiscongo_screengrabs052_preview.jpegThis is Congo

Directed by Daniel McCabe
(USA / 2018 / 93mins / DC Premiere)

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has seen more than five million conflict-related deaths, multiple regime changes and the wholesale impoverishment of its people in the past two decades.

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