2018 Narrative Features


Directed by Scott Perlman
(2017 / 96mins / DC Premiere)

Adam is a brilliant genetics professor at Andover University. His wife Dawn is a beautiful, talented artist who he loves more than life itself. After she dies in a fire, Adam clones her from a strand of hair that had remained on an old brush.


Captain Black

Directed by Jeffrey Johnson
(USA / 2017 / 86mins / World Premiere)

What happens when a middle-aged fanboy’s fantasy goes too far? Mike, a mild-mannered restaurant manager, gets captivated by a stash of comic books left behind by one of his employees. He becomes obsessed with one of them, featuring the avenging hero Captain Black, and his sexy cohort, Kitt Vixxen.


Directed by Alex Goldberg
(USA / 2017 / 90mins / World Premiere)

Following her mother’s funeral and a recently ended relationship, Nina flies to Los Angeles to find her sister who has gone missing.


Killing Diaz

Directed by Cameron Fife
(USA / 2017 / 80mins / World Premiere)

Five friends plot to murder an upstairs neighbor, simply to avoid an awkward conversation.

Loneliness of a Sewer Trucker

Directed by Hakan Sahin
(Canada / 2017 / 85mins / World Premiere)

Set in a remote oilfield hamlet cut off from the modern world, one man’s journey from childhood to old age is seen through an offbeat story where past, present and future all exist at the same time.

Million Loves in Me

Directed by Sampson Yuen
(China / 2017 / 105mins / DC Premiere)

The larger-than-life story of a wealthy mother and daughter who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorders. Their controversial private lives are exposed to the public when they are charged by the police for hoarding pets in their apartment. Inspired by a true story.


Directed by Robert T. Herrera
(USA / 2017 / 77mins / DC Premiere)

Eugene, an inner-city teen, escapes the city streets and hides away on a Midwest city rooftop during the 4th of July holiday. He is found by Holly, a widowed alcoholic, who lives in the secluded rooftop dwelling with her Boston terrier. 

screen-shot-2017-09-06-at-11-28-20-am_preview1.pngPatient 001

Directed by Katie Fleischer
(USA / 2017 / 87mins / DC Premiere)

A young-wife desperate to give her beloved comatose and dying husband a child considers her only option: cloning.

photo-2-copy_of_img-20160508-wa0000_preview.jpegThe Astronauts’ Bodies

Directed by Alisa Berger
(Germany / 2017 / 74mins / US Premiere)

When his two mature children start leaving the house, as they just have graduated from school, their father stops taking care of his body as a protest. His son Anton takes part in a bed-rest-study to contribute to space-traveling, while his sister Linda is in search of her first love.

The Rainbow Experiment

Directed by Christina Kallas
(USA / 2018 / 129mins / East Coast Premiere)

An investigation uncovers more than just blame at a Manhattan high school when a science experiment permanently injures a student.

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