2018 Narrative Shorts



Directed by Boris Seewald
(Germany / 2017 / 9mins / DC Premiere)

Approaching the microphone in a small room, a young woman prepares to make the speech of her life.


Ancestor’s day

Directed by Nataliya Stoltidis
(Russian Federation / 2017 / 14mins / DC Premiere)

A story about the complex relationship of mother and daughter.


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Directed by Noah J Dunbar
(UK / 2017 / 10mins / DC Premiere)

In an England adjacent to our own reality, Travis Bates, an obsessive, impotent, angry young man, is seduced from isolation by an online movement of chauvinism and primal patriarchy.



Directed by Austin Drakes
(2017 / 11mins / DC Premiere)

Anthony struggles to get over his past relationship. He gets advice from some unusual friends.


Counterfeit Kunkoo

Directed by Reema Sengupta
(India / 2017 / 15mins / East Coast Premiere)

Smita must find herself a house to rent…but without a husband. An intimate perspective on the identity of the ‘Ideal Indian Female’ in urban India of today.

Death by Script

Directed by Jason Kessler
(USA / 2017 / 9mins / World Premiere)

A Hollywood script reader comes across a script that may or may not cause the horrific death of anyone who passes on it.

Hide and Seek

Directed by Shoshana Rosenbaum
(USA / 2017 / 9mins / DC Premiere)

​A rock musician turned stay-at-home dad makes an impulsive wish during a chance encounter with a former bandmate, transporting him into an alternative reality.


Locked Outside

Directed by Ross Richardson
(France / 2017 / 7mins / World Premiere)

Two female skateboarders look for freedom and escape from the trappings of their Parisian life.


Miriam is Going to Mars

Directed by Michael Lippert
(USA / 2017 / 13mins / DC Premiere)

A woman with schizophrenia attempts to escape a psychiatric hospital by signing up for the first human mission to Mars.

Moving Violation

Directed by Laura Hinson
(USA / 2017 / 13mins / World Premiere)

A jilted bride finally faces the truth about her ex-fiancé after a newly-installed speed camera on her street pushes her to the edge.


Directed by Lance J. Reha
(UK / 2017 / 19mins / DC Premiere)

A thief steals a camera that he later discovers contains photos of a hideous crime. Now he and his girlfriend fear they are the next target as the photographer seeks revenge.

Potty the Plant

Directed by Aeddan Sussex
(UK / 2017 / 12mins / DC Premiere)

A dark-comedy musical featuring Potty, the talking and singing potted plant. When a child goes missing on blood test day, it’s up to Potty and the rest of the staff at Little BooBoo’s children hospital to uncover the true identity of the mysterious Dr. Acula.


Directed by Joseph Robert Redl
(USA / 2017 / 15mins / DC Premiere)

What nudges Dante closer and closer to the edge of his own self delusions is a punch line.



Directed by Matthew Herbertz
(USA / 2017 / 7mins / DC Premiere)

Soon after the 2016 U.S. election, an anti-Trump activist waits outside a supporter’s home considering something that could result in deadly consequences.


Directed by Eddie Lebron
(USA / 2017 / 17mins / DC Premiere)

A woman copes with grief through the use of a state-of-the-art virtual reality headset.


Susanne and the Man

Directed by Milena Govich
(USA / 2017 / 7mins / World Premiere)

Susanne endeavors to find her own voice & rhythm when she finds herself in a meeting with the king of mansplaining.


The Apocalypse Will Blossom

Directed by Courtney Jines
(USA / 2017 / 5mins / World Premiere)

A young woman moves to Washington D.C. to start the next American revolution.


The Inescapable Arrival of Lazlo Petushki

Directed by Sven Werner
(UK / 2017 / 11mins / DC Premiere)

A scruffy young man is about to arrive in a mysterious city by ship, when he finds himself lost and on the run in its labyrinthine hull. On his surreal journey he’s being chased by the inescapable: himself.


The Wedding Dress

Directed by Mohammed Salman
(Saudi Arabia / 2017 / 24mins / DC Premiere)

Asmahan is a superstitious seamstress. She believes, like everyone in town that if she sews her daughter’s wedding dress for herself she will die. 

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Directed by Jordan Miller
(USA / 2017 / 12mins / DC Premiere)

Peter Graham finds himself in a conversation with a demon who promises to fulfill his deepest desires. Now he must battle with his own conscience to decide how far is too far, and what price is too great.

Toll Booth

Directed by Martin Stocks
(UK / 2017 / 11mins / US Premiere)

Working in an isolated toll booth, one man suspects something lurks outside in the fog and slowly descends into the darkness.

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Directed by John Graham
(Canada / 2017 / 2mins / DC Premiere)

A hypnotic dance of transformation in a metaphorical forest.


Walled IN

Directed by David Morrison
(USA, Canada / 2017 / 9mins / US Premiere)

A troubled high school student meets with her Principal one final time.


Writer’s Block

Directed by Alex Mendez Giner
(USA, Mexico / 2017 / 9mins / World Premiere)

A writer in the middle of her creative process, receives a series of anonymous packages with morbidly disturbing content.

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