Miriam is Going to Mars

Sunday, February 18th

ticket6:50 – 9:00pm

Screens as part of Things Run Deep: Dramatic Shorts.

Miriam is Going to Mars

Directed by Michael Lippert
Lead Cast: Ann Sonneville, Nathaniel Buescher
USA / 2017 / 15mins 

Miriam is a devoted young mother who longs to join the inaugural mission to The Red Planet. She just happens to also be plagued by schizophrenia, and is currently undergoing treatment in a psychiatric facility. Lately, the noises in her head have become unbearable, and when she finds out there us a private company taking submissions to become the first Martian astronauts, this distant world suddenly seems like the quietest place in the solar system. Hoping to bring her 8 years old son Thomas along, Miriam is determined to go, even if it means scheming behind the backs of the staff who try to help her daily.

Director Bio:
Michael Lippert is an award-winning director and editor, and has worked on several major commercial campaigns and multiple documentary and narrative films. Michael’s short film Reversal ran the festival circuit last year and garnered several awards, screening all over the world, including Los Angeles, Montreal, London, and Chicago. Reversal won Best Sci-fi at the 2016 Juggernaut Film Festival, and was nominated for Best Actor/Actress and Art Direction at the Midwest Independent Film Festival. He lives in Chicago, Illinois with his wife, Kate, and their dog, Duke.


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