Saturday, February 17th

ticket9:45 – 11:40pm
Naval Heritage Center

Screens as part of Chills and Thrills Late Night Shorts.


Directed by Joseph Robert Redl
Lead Cast: Brandon Salerno, Dante Giannetta, John Rosado, Barry Godin
USA / 2017 / 15mins 

Dante suffers from a dangerous psychological disorder that he was cursed with from birth, a diagnosis known in the medical field only as “a missing funny bone”. It isn’t until Dante is house sitting with his polar opposite, Joseph, that he finds himself trapped in the hot, sweaty grip of his humorless conscience. What ultimately nudges Dante closer and closer to the edge of his own self delusions is, in fact, a punch line.

Director Bio:
Joseph is an American director, screenwriter and producer, born and raised in the suburbs of New Jersey. He is a director of narrative films, music videos, and commercials with roots in low-budget productions. His last two project were Kingwood (2016) and X’s on Trees (2015), which he both wrote and directed with the help of his fellow peers and collaborators with whom he often works. His inspirations come from the great works of Stanley Kubrick, David Fincher, and Paul Thomas Anderson. He is a firm believer in working with his peers and staying loyal to those who believe in his work.

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